Stream Jimmy Eat World's 'Integrity Blues' Album

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Alternative rock band Jimmy Eat World is back with a brand new album titled, Integrity Blues. The album features their latest hit single, "Sure and Certain," along with a slew of songs that are reminiscent of their classic sound.

The band that brought us hits like "Sweetness," "Middle" and plenty more classics brings you Integrity Blues, an album filled with genuine tracks that explore love and sorrow while energizing you and pumping you up.

"Sure and Certain" is following in the footsteps or Jimmy Eat World singles that have received plenty of buzz and positive reviews from fans.

Integrity Blues is also littered with plenty of tracks that take you back to Jimmy Eat World's beginning such as the opener, "You With Me" and "Get Right." It's clear that the edge is still there for Jimmy Eat World and there is nothing more that fans can want.

You can stream Jimmy Eat World's Integrity Blues album below and let us know what you think about the track in the comments section below.

Stream Jimmy Eat World's 'Integrity Blues' Album