The Story of 3-Year-Old Grace Goes Viral For All the Right Reasons

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Meet Grace, she is 3-years-old and suffers from cerebral palsy but even more heartbreaking is the fact that Grace has been up for adoption since birth.

After a movement started to find Grace caring parents to call her own, there has been widespread interest in her adoption.

"The three-year-old is being cared for by her foster mother and father, Jill and Paul, who have fostered 40 children over the last 19 years," according to Independent.

"However the couple are nearing retirement and want to find a new family for Grace, who they describe as "incredibly loving and playful.

Grace's birth mother suffered severe pre-eclampsia during pregnancy and her daughter, who was born 25 weeks premature and weighing 1.3lbs, was left with cerebral palsy and chronic lung disease."

After First4Adoption started a movement to find Grace a home before Christmas, they received hundreds of responses and the staff is now trying to find the perfect match for Grace. Her two siblings were able to find a home but Grace could never find one.

Thankfully social media, though it is often abused, can really be an amazing tool in instances such as this one.

You can read more about Grace here.