Steven R. McQueen Geeks Out Over 'The Flash' & 'Arrow's' Latest Episodes

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While he plays a troubled vampire hunter who doesn't seem to do any hunting in "The Vampire Diaries," Steven R. McQueen's heart looks to be somewhere else as he continues to commend the writers of "Arrow" and "The Flash" with each new episode.

Last night after an all new episode of "Arrow" McQueen tweeted and retweeted the "Arrow" writers about one of the slickest parts of the episode; the boxing glove arrow. In last night's episode The Arrow battled Ted "Wildcat" Grant briefly but was able to take him down with a boxing glove arrow.

The actually sequence was pretty fast pace and some fans may have missed it, but not McQueen. Judging from his tweets, McQueen sets some time aside every week to watch some of his favorite superhero shows.

Tuesday McQueen posted a tweet in shock of an all new villain that introduced towards the end of "The Flash;" "Gorilla Grodd." Comic book fans would immediately recognize the villain as he sat protected in a cage in Dr.

Wells facility.

It is possible that McQueen's tactic of tweeting to the writers might be driven by his willingness to play the role of "Nightwing" in another superhero spin off.

Rumors of that have died down heavily but it looks like McQueen is ready to suit up and assume the role at anytime. In the meantime, he will have to continue to read the comic's that he posts on Instagram.

Reading at work

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In last week's episode of "The Vampire Diaries," McQueen was having an extremely hard time accepting that Bonnie is gone and it looks like he is spinning closer to the edge. His character in the show has become just as dark as the first days of the show and now it looks like things will really start to get interesting for Jeremy Gilbert.

To see McQueen in action fans can tune in to The CW for "The Vampire Diaries" at 8 PM EST.