The Steve Miller Band Visits the Howard Stern Show

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The Howard Stern SiriusXM Radio Show returned from a little vacation with the Steve Miller Band in the studio. Miller and Stern talked about his success, old acquaintances and the band also performed a few of their hits live.

Stern welcomed Steve Miller to the show and revealed that Miller was there to promote their tour which begins on June 17.

Stern also congratulated Miller of the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction and that music has always been in Miller's blood from the time he was born.

Miller said his father was very musical despite the fact that they didn't have a lot of money. However, the real love for music stemmed from his mother and his cousin who were also very musical.

With help from his mom, Miller was able to harmonize at the young age of 3-years-old.

"Howard said the one strange thing to him was that his dad made friends with someone named Les Paul and he made the electric guitar.

Howard said he started playing with Steve and gave him his first guitar," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Steve said that's close. He said Les came to Milwaukee and he had been recording stuff. He said he got a TV show in New York and it was a weird show for the time.

He said Les and Mary came to work there in a nightclub just down the street from where he lived.

He said his dad had a Magnacorder which was like the first professional tape recorder. He said it came from Germany."

Miller also revealed that Paul and his wife spent their honeymoon at their house and he was able to learn a lot from him while they spent time at his parents house. Miller also met Boz Scaggs and talked about what it was like meeting him and coming up with the band.

The meeting happened when his father began making more money. Along with Scaggs, the meeting of Miller and Baron Cass was also an influential to Miller's career.

"Steve said T-Bone Walker used to come to the house too. Howard said not only that but a black guy coming to a white guy's house is kind of wild," according to MF.

"Steve said that people thought that they were communist. Howard said befriending T-Bone Walker was almost scandalous.

Howard said he got to sit and hang out with that guy. Steve said he was 9 when he met him. He said he showed up at the house in a flesh colored Cadillac."

Later on in the interview Miller talked about being with the Chuck Berry band for a bit, watching Led Zeppelin record, and meeting the Beatles.

The interview showed just how knowledgable Miller is about music and all of the many musicians he has crossed-paths with in an illustrious career. You can find out more about Steve Miller Band tour here.

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