Stephen Colbert Talks 'The Late Show,' His Family & More on Howard Stern 100

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When he announced that "The Colbert Report" would be coming to an end, no one expected Stephen Colbert to return to television, now he's making his return with "The Late Show" following in the footsteps of David Letterman and dished all about it on the Stern Show.

Howard Stern couldn't wait to jump into his interview with Stephen Colbert, particularly regarding "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert." Stern started the actual interview by saying that he thinks Colbert will be a good late night host.

Colbert told Stern that the new show is actually harder than what he was doing before, which is something he didn't anticipate.

"Howard said he heard that he had a 90 minute meeting with Dave before he took the job," according to MarksFriggin.

"Stephen said he wanted to thank Dave for what he did. He said that the show was everything to him. He said Johnny Carson was the man too.

He said his family would wake him up to watch Carson. Howard asked if he sits and watches his competitors. Stephen said he watches them anyway. He said he's been on Fallon too."

Colbert also revealed that before "The Colbert Report," he actually wasn't a political guy. You'd never guess it from some of his greatest moments on the show where he took on some pretty heavily political topics.

"He said they would never refer to real places or people or especially politicians," according to the rundown of the show.

Colbert dove into talking about his family after Stern brought up the fact that Colbert's family is very big.

"Stephen said his father was the youngest medical dean ever. He said he was an MD but a bench scientist," according to MarksFriggin.

"He lost his father when he was 10. He said he lost 2 brothers at the same time in a plane crash.

Stephen said that it's just built into him and that's what he's made of. Howard said that has to make him fearful when that happens. Stephen said he doesn't think so."

The tragedies in his life racked up and his mother took it very hard. Colbert did say that religion was able to help his mother through the tough time and Stern revealed that Colbert was actually a Sunday School teacher at one point in his life.

Colbert said something very interesting in stating that the church is flawed but it was a beautiful gift to his family.

It seemed to represent both the good and bad sides to religions and where he found his place in it all.

"Stephen said that he was coming back from the funeral and his sister Margot laughed so hard at a joke his other sister told that she fell on the floor of the limo," according to the rundown.

"He said that he thought about how he wanted that. He wanted to be able to make that connection. He said he didn't really want to be a comedian. He said that came later on."

Colbert shot down Stern's statement that he would be competing with Jimmy Kimmel by saying that you can't compete with content because it won't make for a better show. The extensive interview touched on Colbert's time on Dana Carvey's show, his Whitehouse Correspondents dinner roast, working with Chris Farley and much more.

"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" is scheduled to premiere on September 8, with guests George Clooney, Kendrick Lamar and Jeb Bush.