Star Wars Resistance Episode 9 Review: 'The Platform Classic'

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The past few episodes of Star Wars Resistance have been great as we saw more of Kaz fighting against pirates and other members of The First Order just to name a few.

Well this week it takes a minor step back because episode 9 focuses on Yeager and his estranged brother by the name of Marcus Speedstar.

Marcus and Yeager have not talked to one another in many years because Marcus cheated in a race ages ago when they were racers.

Marcus pretty much used hyperfuel on his ship, but this went out of control and things turned sour. Due to his reckless driving and cheating, Yeager vowed to never speak to his brother again due to that incident.

Marcus is a hotshot pilot known by lots of people all over the galaxy. He's so famous even Tam and Kaz take a liking to him.

The only person that does not seem to like the guy is his aforementioned brother. He even changed his last name calling himself Marcus Speedstar!

Kaz isn't really the main focus for this week's episode because Yeager is the main character in episode 9.

Not only do we get to know more about his secretive past, but we also get to see him pilot in a race called 'The Platform Classic'.

The Platform Classic is a spaceship race where the winner receives 100,000 Republic credits.

Yeager enters the race wanting to beat his brother after what he did several years ago. As for Marcus, he actually needs to win this race or else he'll never see his mechanic ever again.

Marcus got himself into trouble with the Guavian Death Gang and they have kidnaped his mechanic. The only way Marcus is able to get back his mechanic is if he can pay off the debt of 20,000 credits

The Guavian Death Gang only appeared very briefly in Star Wars: The Force Awakens so it was nice to see them here in Star Wars Resistance.

They didn't do much in this week's episode, but I hope this isn't the last time we see them.

Anyway, Marcus still wants to reconnect with his brother and he tells Yeager that he NEEDS to win this race or he'll never see his mechanic ever again.

Despite the fate of his friend hanging in the balance, Yeager still insists on racing and won't let his brother beat him. Marcus is desperate to win, but he's not allowed to cheat anymore.

To cut a long story short, Marcus says he now races without being selfish and he needs to win for his mechanic friend to be safe.

During The Platform Classic race, Yeager is in the lead, but he let's Marcus win at the last minute. Yeager feels Marcus isn't selfish as he used to be since he's racing for a good cause.

With Marcus winning the race, he pays off the 20,000 credit debt to the Guavian Death Gang and his mechanic friend is now safe from danger.

As for Yeager, he hasn't full forgiven his brother, but they're on speaking terms once again.

This week's episode was fine even though it wasn't about Kaz or The First Order. It pretty much reminded me of the podracing sequences in The Phantom Menace.

It was interesting to also know more information about Yeager's past since the character rarely shares his true feelings. The ending was quite cool seeing the brothers somewhat reunited once again and speaking to each other.

Even though this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance featured no action or The First Order, episode 9 was still enjoyable.

Verdict: 7.0/10

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