Star Wars Resistance Episode 5 Review: 'The High Tower'

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The first few episodes of Star Wars Resistance have been pretty boring and uneventful because Kaz was not really doing any spy type of work.

Well episode 5 called 'The High Tower' finally sees Kaz doing some reconnaissance work as he actually gets to spy on The First Order!

The whole point of Star Wars Resistance is for Kaz to spy on what The First Order is planning.

Sadly, The First Order never really showed up until in this week's episode. That said, the episode still lacked any type of cool action sequences apart from one chase scene that occurs near the end.

Anyway in this week's episode, Kaz wants to gain access to a special tower on the platform where all of the ace pilots reside.

It seems as if The First Order are here to strike some kind of deal with Captain Doza.

Kaz gains access to the tower thanks to a new pilot character called Hype Fazon.

As Kaz is in the tower, he cleverly uses a walkie talkie device to eavesdrop on a conversation The First Order has with Captain Doza.

It sounds like The First Order want to try strike some kind of deal with him.

The meeting is brief, although Kaz fails to fully escape the prison without being seen. Two Stormtroopers chase Kaz all over the tower and Kaz's only way to escape is through a ledge.

Kaz eventually goes out of a window thanks to Torra Doza who is a pilot that featured in a previous episode.

Kaz is not out of danger yet, because the Stormtroopers start shooing at him on the ledge of the tower!

This is the only type of action I've seen since the first episode and it was nerve-wracking to see Kaz nearly fall off the building. His friends on the other side of the platform actually witness his dangerous escape.

Luckily, Kaz eventually escapes the Stormtroopers thanks to BB-8 and Torra tells her dad that Kaz was visiting her. Captain Doza believes this story, although he wants to know who Kaz really is.

The First Order gives up their search for Kaz and leaves the planet. I'm pretty sure this isn't the last we will see of The First Order in Star Wars Resistance.

Anyway, this week's episode was by far the best one of the season. Kaz was actually doing proper spy work and the story and action was pretty entertaining this week.

That being said, it's kind of annoying that this show does feature much action.

All I've seen so far are a few chase sequences and that's about it. Hopefully The First Order is in more episodes where they can really make Kaz's life harder than it already is.

Verdict: 7.0/10

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