Star Wars Resistance Episode 4 Review: 'Fuel for the Fire'

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It's been three weeks now and we have been treated with four episodes of Disney's Star Wars Resistance show. Even though it has been several weeks, nothing really important has happened in the show yet.

The first episode of Star Wars Resistance was exciting mainly because Kaz was going up against a red TIE-Interceptor pilot.

I was hoping the series would further look at the rivalry between The First Order and the Resistance as both sides fight for the right to rule the galaxy.

Instead, Star Wars Resistance continues not to focus on The First Order as every episode feels the same.

It mainly shows Kaz being a bumbling idiot and learning his lesson by the end of the episode. It's been like this for the past few episodes and "Fuel for the Fire" is no different.

In this week's episode, Kaz befriends a pilot by the name of Jace Rucklin played by Elijah Wood.

Ruckin seems like a nice guy at first, but as the episode goes on we realize that he's just using Kaz so that he can steal some special fuel for his fighter plane.

This episode again shows how naive the character of Kaz is despite BB-8 warning him that Ruckin and his friends should not be trusted.

This is like the third episode in a row Kaz ruins something and doesn't correct himself until the very end.

To cut a long story short, Kaz saves Ruckin's life because his ship becomes a time bomb while using the special fuel that was stolen.

Sure Kaz was helpful, but he was the one that made Rucklin steal the fuel in the first place.

Much to my surprise, I'm shocked that Kaz's boss, Jarek Yeager, is still hiring him as a mechanic.

He continues to fail at his job and he's done nothing to really help the Resistance find any leads about The First Order.

Not to mention, this episode felt like it was a filler because it did not feature any characters or storylines involving The First Order.

It was yet another pointless episode with no story advancements or any Star Wars like action whatsoever.

When the first Star Wars Resistance trailer came out, I was intrigued to know more about The Resistance and The First Order prior to the events of The Force Awakens.

With the way the show is going, it's disappointing nothing has really happened four episodes in.

Hopefully next week Kaz actually does something useful and finally gets a chance to fight some Stormtroopers or any other enemies for that matter. As of right now though, the series has been nothing but boring at the moment.

Verdict: 5.5/10

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