Star Wars Resistance Episode 3 Review: 'The Triple Dark'

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Star Wars Resistance continues this week with its third episode called 'The Triple Dark'. It's a show that once again has a lot of promise, but so far nothing has really happened to make the show exciting.

The first two episodes were somewhat more exciting to me because it guest starred Oscar Isaac reprising his role as Poe Dameron.

Sadly, Poe Dameron is nowhere to be found in this week's third episode which kind of made 'The Triple Dark' a little boring for me to watch.

The only guest appearance in this week's episode is Gwendoline Christie returning to play Captain Phasma.

Sadly though, Phasma only appears at the end of this week's episode and does not do much yet. Come to think of it, The First Order has yet to really accomplish anything in this series!

For a show that's supposed to take place a few months before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars Resistance right now hasn't really showed anything interesting at the moment.

It just feels as if the show refuses to show any action and would rather just focus on making the main character Kaz look ike a clueless idiot.

Half of this episode is all about Kaz failing in his mission on being a spy and some of the other characters are questioning why he's here in the first place.

The only character that knows of Kaz's real mission is Jarek Weager, although he does not do much in this episode either.

The only interesting thing that happens in the entire episode is when some pirates come to try and attack the base.

However, Kaz does not even get to pilot a ship in this episode and mainly chases the pirates away by causing technical difficulties on their spaceships. It's probably the only useful thing he did in the entire episode!

Much like the first two episodes of Star Wars Resistance, 'The Triple Dark' did not feature a lot of action. Most of the show is focused more on Kaz's unfunny style of humor that only very young kids might enjoy.

The only interesting piece of information we hear is that the pirates are working with The First Order and they have a plan in place to try and crush the Resistance and its remaining members.

Overall, this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance was another disappointment.

Kaz is still a bumbling buffoon and the only likable main character is BB-8 who needs to help out Kaz most of the time.

I'm hoping the show improves with future episodes because right now I'm not impressed by it so far.

Verdict: 6.0/10

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