Star Wars Resistance Episode 11 Review: 'Station Theta Black'

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Star Wars Resistance continues this week and episode 'Station Theta Black' is arguably the best episode in the entire series. This is because the episode features actual Resistance vs The First Order action sequences.

The cool thing about this week is that Oscar Issac is back to reprise his role as Poe Dameron.

He's not the only guest star this week as Gwendoline Christie is also here to play Captain Phasma. Sadly, there's still no Kylo Ren yet even though they use his own spaceship from The Force Awakens.

Another cool character we see this week is General Leia for the first time ever. Carrie Fisher sadly could not reprise her role, but we do get to hear another voice actress doing a good job of mimicking her voice.

In today's episode, Poe and Kaz are doing some reconnaissance work as they are spying on what The First Order have been up to.

General Leia tells the pair not to engage The First Order in a fight, but the duo eventually find themselves in trouble.

Poe and Kaz stumble into an old abandoned mining facility that The First Order have been working on.

They have been getting new materials in order to make a large number of weapons! Now the facility has been prepped for demolition to hide any evidence of their evil doings.

Poe and Kaz do not escape silently because a group of Stormtroopers including Captain Phasma catch them in the act. Poe and Kaz then have to fight for their lives and escape without getting caught!

The First Order shooting and chasing both Poe and Kaz may have been the best thing I have seen in Star Wars Resistance to date.

It felt like an actual Star Wars TV show and not the lame comedy episodes the series is known for.

While Kaz is still inexperienced in combat, Poe Dameron manages to shoot a few Stormtroopers both with his X-Wing and his pistols.

The ending was exhilarating and Poe and Kaz only escape in the nick of time before the mining facility explodes!

It goes without saying that this week's episode of Star Wars Resistance is my favorite episode of the show so far. It focused on the main story and featured the series' most action packed sequences to date.

It's too bad the entire series has not been as good before. I have a feeling next week's episode will be back to its old boring self.

Verdict: 8.5/10

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