Star Wars Resistance Episode 10 Review: 'Secrets and Holograms'

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Star Wars Resistance is back this week with Kaz having to actually do a little spy work on Captain Doza.

Things get difficult for Kaz though because he cannot tell anyone that he is a spy for the Resistance. He has to hide his true intentions from Torra who happens to be Captain Doza's only daughter.

Captain Doza has been in contact with The First Order for several weeks now, although we're not sure yet what his actual plan with the bad guys really is yet.

As of right now, he wants The First Order to be stationed on The Platform so they can easily get rid of pirates and other bad guys that come their way.

Even though The Platform has many ace pilots that can fight back the pirates, Captain Doza strikes a deal with Commander Pyre from The First Order.

The First Order aren't officially stationed on The Platform yet, but more of their members will be landing on the planet sooner rather than later.

Kaz actually gets to do actual spy work in this episode and I'm actually impressed with his progress so far.

Kaz is usually portrayed as a clumsy buffoon in most episodes of Star Wars Resistance, but today he manages to stay on task most of the time.

Sure both Torra and BB-8 have to bail out Kaz most of the time, but he actually accomplished his mission in this week's episode as he finds out more about Captain Doza's business deals with The First Order.

Probably the most shocking revelation this week is that Kaz sees an old Imperial uniform in Captain Doza's office. Captain Doza used to work for the old Empire!

The rest of the episode pretty much just shows Kaz and the good guys having to sneak about to avoid getting seen from both The First Order and Captain Doza's droids.

There is even an homage to A New Hope because the good guys have to escape via a dangerous garbage incinerator!

At the end of the episode, Torra questions Kaz and asks him if he's actually a spy. Kaz has to lie through his teeth and denies the allegation.

Luckily Torra believes him, although he better keep his mouth shut or else his cover might be blown and it's game over.

This week may not have been the best episode of Star Wars Resistance, but I'm glad it was a week where actual story progression occurred.

It has been several episodes since we last saw The First Order so it was cool to see them appear again this week.

My only gripe for the series so far is that nothing has really happened in ten episodes.

We've barely seen the likes of Captain Phasma and Kylo Ren in the series, and Poe Dameron only appeared in two episodes so far.

I'm hoping the series gets better once The First Order have stationed themselves on The Platform in the near future.

Verdict: 7.0/10

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