'Spark The Fire' Music Video: Has Gwen Stefani Brought The Neptunes' Pharrell Williams Back?

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It looks like everyone will have to get off of Gwen Stefani's cloud as she releases a hot new song, "Spark The Fire" with some classic production by Pharrell Williams.

(Music Video Below)

The music video is a marvel in itself mixing reality and animation to create one big party scene.

Stefani looks to be very enthusiastic about getting back into the music scene as she sings lyrics about "sparking the fire." Well it looks like the flame has been lit, the production on the song is classic Pharrell.

It is reminiscent of his days with The Neptunes a supergroup of producers (Williams and Chad Hugo) and artists who were responsible for that classic Justin Timberlake hit "Like I Love You," the first single in his solo career.

The music video is fun and wild just like Timberlake's and while this isn't Stefani's first time going solo it's almost as she never left. She is known for her quirky way of singing and in this song she does more of a rap than anything else.

It all just really seems to work pretty well and with Pharrell being on her team for the upcoming album it looks like it will be another classic.

The song is really catchy and both Williams and Stefani have done a great job creating a radio hit on this first single.

Watch Gwen Stefani's "Spark The Fire" Music Video