Son of A Fallen Deputy's Bid For His Father's Cruiser Turns Emotional

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There are times where the men and women who protect us are taken for granted but not this time.

The son of a fallen deputy was on a mission to buy his dad's cruiser in an auction and things didn't go his way, at least so he thought.

(Video Below)

In a video posted to the Amazing Tapes YouTube Channel, Tanner Brownlee, the son of a fallen deputy Sam Brownlee who was killed on duty, is on a mission to buy a his father's cruiser.

Having the cruiser is like having another part of his dad with him and Brownlee really wanted to win the car at the auction for he and his brother.

Brownlee says that he and his family have been going through a really tough time and this would be pretty awesome to get. Once the bidding started there was another bidder there who looked to be a very tough competitor.

Steve Wells, a Weld county rancher slowly but surely outbid Brownlee for his father's car but what happens next sends Brownlee into tears. Wells hands over the keys to the fallen deputy's cruiser.

"I'm adopted," Wells told CBS Denver. "And being adopted you have a different perspective on life.

I look back and I could've been raised in foster care, my mother could've had an abortion, I mean, there were so many different things that could've happened during the course of my life.

I was adopted by outstanding parents. I couldn't ask for anything more and I've always felt that need to give back."

Check out the emotional video below.