Sofia Vergara Talks Joe Manganiello's Birthday and More On The Ellen Show

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If you don't follow Sofia Vergara or her husband Joe Manganiello on social media, chances are you missed the huge birthday bash he had.

Don't worry, it's all good because Vergara returned to The Ellen Show to chat about the party, give Andy Lassner a hair makeover and more.

Vergara pulled two bottles of Head and Shoulders out of her bra as gifts for DeGeneres and her wife.

DeGeneres then congratulated Vergara on winning her first People's Choice Awards, however, she couldn't remember seeing DeGeneres there. As for winning the award, Vergara said it was very special especially as she has been with Modern Family for right years.

Meanwhile, Vergara said Manganiello's 40th birthday bash was over 100 people but he did what he wanted to do. Vergara could only do a little decorating but her husband wanted to do everything himself.

Her on-screen husband Ed O'Neill said that Vergara was constantly on her phone, that being said, Vergara argued that O'Neill was ungrateful because he was in the background of most of the photos.

Vergara also said she asks for his permission and even if he says no, she takes the photo anyway. You can watch the rest of Sofia Vergara's hilarious visit to The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Sofia Vergara Talks Joe Manganiello's Birthday and More On The Ellen Show