SNL Continues To Troll Donald Trump With Their Cold Open

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If you aren't used to seeing Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump character on Saturday Night Live, you should probably get used to it. SNL continued to troll President Elect Trump with yet another cold open feature some slick punch lines.

The show hilariously predicts that Trump's presidency will be very short as Baldwin stated he would become the 45th President of the United States and two months later, Mike Pence will become the 46th.

Baldwin also joked that Trump would have Paul Ryan as his White House pet.

The show also played on the fact that not many musical acts and celebrities are attending the inauguration.

Meanwhile, as he took some mock questions from the press, everyone wanted to know about the "pee pee party." There were plenty of "golden shower" jokes added and SNL even went as far as to make fun of Trump's sons.

You can check out all of the troll-filled Cold Open action in the SNL video below.

SNL Continues To Troll Donald Trump With Their Cold Open

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