Slow-Motion Soccer Kick To The Head Sends Kid Crying

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A YouTube video uploaded by Liam Terry shows three innocent kids playing but things get crazy when a soccer ball connects with one of the kids faces.

(Video Below)

"Slow motion kick to the head, so happy I caught this on camera!" read the caption of the video.

An innocent backyard playtime turned a little violent. These things are normally featured on a show like America's Funniest Home Videos, so imagine the thrill of being able to capture it on your own.

The slow motion video shows a child getting ready to kick the ball with another looking on.

The on-looking child was not prepared for what was about to go down and as the ball was kicked he got increasingly nervous until the final impact to the face.

Immediately he starts crying and the one responsible for delivering the on-point kick holds his mouth in shock with an apologetic demeanor.

This would would surely be a candidate for AFV but the victim may never want to see a soccer ball ever again.

Check out the video.