The Slingshot Ride Causes A Teen To Faint Three Times

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When watching a video like this viewers won't know if they should laugh or be worried as one teen has the ride of his life on The Slingshot, fainting three times. (Video Below)

"When this teenagers gets launched on the Slingshot, he winds up fainting not once, not twice, but three times!" read the caption of the Jukin Video post.

Apparently the teens friend sitting next to him didn't seem worried at the fact that his friend may or may not be having a health issue.

In fact he laughed continuously while watching his friend go in and out of his fainting spells.

The launch was as intense as anyone who has given this ride a shot would tell you. The strange thing is that after fainting the teen opens his eyes, notices he is high up in the air and faints again.

Some aspect of the video looks staged but the terror in his face pretty much shows how intense the ride is.

The slingshot ride has been able to generate a few different responses such as people soiling themselves in terror from intensity.

Watch The Fainting Teen On The Slingshot Ride Below