'Sleepy Hollow' S2 E1 Recap: Moloch raises an army

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On tonight's second season premiere of Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" the characters' battles with Moloch and the Horsemen continue as their lives face greater danger with the looming apocalypse.

The last season ended with Henry revealing to Ichabod that he was his son, that he was resurrected by Moloch, and that he is the Horseman of War.

He then locked Ichabod in a wooden casket and was buried alive.

Tonight's episode began with Abbie and Crane being summoned to a history professor's house, where professor's headless body, valuable papers, and a dangerous horseman, with whom they engage in a firefight.

The horseman escapes and Crane and Abbie dive into deep research to figure out what the horseman was looking for: the famous Benjamin Franklin key. Crane reveals he was Benjamin Franklin's apprentice, and that he was there for Franklin's infamous key in the lightening storm event.

He said that instead of trying to find electricity, Franklin was actually trying to destroy the key, which can open and close purgatory. The hunt is on for the key, and they go to question Henry.

Crane and Abbie quickly figure out that they are still in purgatory. The mission is evident now, Crane must escape his coffin and find they key while Abbie is still stuck in purgatory.

Crane uses his ancient logic to burst his way out his coffin, and he rescues Jenny from her captors.

The two combine their logic to try to locate the key, and find it hidden behind a brick a town structure. Crane enters purgatory to save Abbie.

Abbie, still stuck in purgatory, is in danger of spending an eternity there. She sees Moloch and learns from dead Officer Brooks that he is raising a demon army and preparing to enter Earth. She also learns valuable information from him that will help her in their quest.

She summons Ichabod to Moloch's lair and shares all the information she knows with him.

She tells him not to risk coming back for her because that will release Moloch and his army; he assured her will stay true to his promise.

Abbie almost drinks a poison given to her by "Ichabod," however the real Ichabod shows up and the impersonator turns out to be a demon. Ichabod and Abbie escape, however she quickly realizes it was the demon and she beheads him.

The real Ichabod and Abbie retrieve the key and see Moloch's army literally rising out of the ground. They leave purgatory with the help of the key, and the entrance to purgatory closes before Moloch can escape.

The episode concludes with Moloch giving Henry a very evil looking soldier in armor, and telling him that there is a new plan for their war to claim Earth. The second season premiere of "Sleepy Hollow" brought just as much drama and suspense as the first season, and viewers are sure in for a treat as the town of Sleepy Hollow remains in danger.

The next episode of "Sleepy Hollow" airs Monday Sept. 29th at 9 p.m. on Fox.