Sister Wants to Sell Her Brother to the Pet Store for $54

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This seems a bit too familiar, but sister wanted to sell her brother to the pet store for the prime price of $54 in order to buy herself a toy. Don't worry, she planned on buying him back at some point.

The video below surfaced on Reddit but was originally posted to the berge95 YouTube Channel. At first the little girl named Rachel, according to the caption of the video, wants to sell her little brother because she believes that something in him is wrong.

However, later on viewers find out that Rachel actually wanted to buy a toy. She and her dad agreed on a price of $54 and they got ready to break the news to the little guy.

"Rachel explaining an easy way to get the toy owl she wants. Dad, the subtitles are there for you!" read the caption of the video.

Rachel begins explaining the plan to her little brother and changes the dollar amount to $100 during her explanation. Cleverly enough, she assured her brother that they would buy him back, so he shouldn't worry.

Her brother seemed a bit distracted during the explanation but he was actually on board. While watching this we could help think this is a little reminiscent of the classic Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen song "Brother For Sale."

Check out the sister's explanation for selling her brother below.