Sir Patrick Stewart Talks 'Blunt Talk,' His Father & More on Howard Stern

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The Howard Stern SiriusXM show had yet another seriously high profile guest as Sir Patrick Stewart made his way onto the show to discuss his early life, his father, the upcoming "Blunt Talk" show and much more.

Today's Howard 100 show gave listeners a very insightful look into the early days and the present endeavors of Sir Patrick Stewart.

Many of the younger crowds would recognize him for his role as Professor X in the X-Men films, while others remember him as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in "Star Trek: Next Generation." Howard Stern began the interview with an exploration of Stewart's early days as a journalist at 15-years-old and his father who was an incredibly strict individual according to a MarksFriggin rehash of the show.

"Howard said Patrick had to grow up quick. He said his father was a military guy and he was a son of a b***h," according to the rundown.

"Patrick said when he came back from the war in 1945 he was about 5 years old. He said he likes to think he was conceived the night before his father went to war.

He said that may have been his farewell gesture to his life. He said that makes him emotional."

Stewart spent the first five years of his life with his mother and older brother and said they had very little, making early life very hard. Stern revealed that Stewarts father return from war wasn't the greatest for Stewart.

Stern added that Stewart's father brought his militant style of life back with him.

"Howard said he was drinking heavily and he was belittling him. Howard said he was running him like he was running the war," according to MarksFriggin.

"Patrick said there are some elements missing from that story. He said his father was quite dictatorial. He said his after was very successful in the war.

He said that he was regimental sergeant major. He said after he died someone who served with him said to him that when he came around the birds stopped singing. He said that's the kind of presence he had."

Stewarts backstory is particularly captivating because of the mild-mannered and beloved person he is. Stern fans even tweeted about how much they enjoyed the interview with Stewart.

"He said depending on the song he was singing they knew how the rest of the evening might go.

He sang some of the songs that he might be singing. He said if it was military songs they were in trouble," according to the report.

"Howard asked if it was tough knowing that his mother was going to take that. Patrick said that it was and they would step in at times.

He said they had a house that had no bathroom or toilet inside.

He said if it was going to be a bad night he would get up and sit on the stone steps that led downstairs.

He said he would judge the temperature of what was happening and learned the moment when he could step into the room to stop it."

Stewart stood up for his mother by putting his body between her and his father which inevitably sobered him up. However, Stewart says these are all things that children should not have to go through. Stewart shared the one incredible story his father shared from his experience in war. When his father's train was bombed and the soldiers had to walk back through the wreckage, he stumbled across a woman's arm with a gold ring on her finger.

Stewart's father walked back to it later on but the finger was gone and so was the ring.

Stewart said the story was a way of his father letting him know that people will always abuse you and steal from you even after witnessing tragedy.

This story was by far the most captivating part of the interview, though, the triumph and success that Stewart has managed to reach in his life despite it all is remarkable.

After the success on "Star Trek" Stewart was still surprised and he says he was still living as if he was making a $100 a week, after he made $175 a week in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf" on Broadway, but later moved into a nice apartment.

Stewart is now the star of "Blunt Talk" where he plays a British newscaster that's made the move to Los Angeles to completely take over the cable news industry. You can read more about his "Blunt Talk" experience here.

"Blunt Talk" is also produced by Seth MacFarlane.