'Sin City: A Dame To Kill' A Decade In The Making

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There has been a lot of talk the last 9 years about the much anticipated sequel to Sin City, the film that brought noir to a whole new level.

Almost a decade later, the fans found that their loyalty would finally be rewarded. Robert Rodriguez returns to co-direct with the creator of the series and writer of both films, Frank Miller.

With the exception of Devon Aoki and Michael Clarke Duncan, due to his unfortunate and untimely death, it's all original cast with a couple of new and very welcome characters added in.

As soon as the film starts it's plain to see that the audience is in store for a very welcome reunion.

This film, like the last one, chops up the story a bit. Viewers are given a glimpse into the colorful, and some not so colorful, lives of those residing in Basin City. Unfortunately it's not wrapped up quite as neat as the first one did.

A Dame To Kill For is like a jigsaw puzzle that looks fine when finished, but may have needed some force to fit the pieces in during its configuration.

For instance, there is a lot on confusion in when this takes place.

The story suggests we are following the events of part 1, but, without getting too into the plot, there are a few returning cast members who come back from the dead with no explanation.

One of the resurrected characters was Marv, protector of the working women at Kadie's Bar. A favorite from the first film. Viewers fell in love with Marv in his mission to avenge Goldie. He was a strong willed beast with revenge on the mind.

In part 2 he lights the screen with his presence, but has lost a lot of his admirable qualities. The sequel takes away much of his charm.

He is less of a character and more of a tool for other characters to use. It was a significant disappointment.

Other than the few complaints aside the film is great. The new characters are attached to gripping stories. Visually it's just as good, if not better, than the last.

In a world where sequels are often doomed to fail A Dame To Kill For is a wonderful change in pace.

This is the reason people go to the movies. If your thrill is brawls, booze, fast cars, and dangerous broads consider your availability this weekend to be 2 hours shy.