Siberian Husky Scared Of Talking Furby: Big Dog Problems

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What happens when you place an innocent Furby infront of what looks to be a full grown Siberian Husky? The husky ends up being a little scared of the once popular Hasbro toy.

(Video Below)

Upon seeing the Furby on the floor speaking in the eerily manner that it does, a Siberian husky went a little berserk and began to look into attack mode.

The Wei Wang YouTube channel posted the video which happens to be another episode in the "Funny Siberian Husky Puppy Scared by a Flying Helicopter," according to the caption on the hilarious YouTube video.

The husky even circled the entire perimeter of the the Furby as he tried to figure out what exactly the little creature was. Seeing as it was scared of a helicopter it's only right that the husky would be scared of the Furby right.

After all, the Furby does resemble one of those creepy gremlins. Don't worry big guy we all know that Furbys are a little creepy.

Watch the video below.