Should Kehlani Stay Off of Instagram?

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"Social media is the godd**n devil," those were Kehlani's words in a response to fans who were formulating their own stories of what may have happened between the R&B singer, PARTYNEXTDOOR and NBA player Kyrie Irving.

So, if social media is so evil, should Kehlani just stay off of it all together?

Kehlani publicly admitted to trying to kill herself over all of the rumors surrounding her relationships with Irving and PARTYNEXTDOOR. She posted the photos from her hospital bed with a long message stating that she was saved for a reason.

Reports began emerging that stated the singer was being placed on psychiatric hold but it has since been denied by the singer.

She lashed out at social media for stirring up all sorts of rumors and running with plenty of memes that poked fun at the situation and those involved. Even after news that she was hospitalized surfaced, fans still took to social media to discuss the issue.

Now, Chris Brown is coming to the defense of Irving, who plays as a point guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He bashed Kehlani for the suicide attempt and claimed that she was "flexing for the gram."

It's really no secret that plenty of celebrities don't run their own social media accounts and it's clear which ones actually do. If Kehlani really believes that social media is the "devil," she probably should step back and let someone else on her team handle the posts. That would mean less of a direct interaction between fans and the artist, however, there are artists who use this tactic without fans ever noticing it, especially when it comes to Twitter.

Right now Kehlani's Instagram account is active but all of her posts have been deleted.

There is no telling what the final outcome of this all will be but clearly social media has proven to be too much for the star.