Should Future Slow Down With His Music Output?

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It really seems like Future doesn't have time for anything in life except work.

He has continued to bring fans new music on what is nearly a quarterly basis and it has to leave us wondering if maybe he is making too much music.

This thought heightens as he previewed more new music on Snapchat.

Often times fans are pretty demanding when it comes to their favorite artists. They constantly want new music after growing old of a rotation.

Never would we ever guess that at one point we would be questioning whether or not an artist makes too much music.

Future recently teased more new music on the way after already releasing the Purple Reign mixtape and Evol album.

Year after year, Future has made sure that his fans thirst for his music is quenched, but he is also being criticized for drowning them in music.

Jermaine Dupree commented on the subject during an interview on the Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club and said that Future was putting out too much music.

The argument is that Future's music is becoming repetitive and oversaturated to the point where it's hard for a listener to cross the blurred lines. In one year Future released DS2, Atlanta In Me, What a Time to be Alive, Beast Mode and 56 Nights. Now it seems like a third project may be coming and it's almost becoming overwhelming. Two albums a year is an awesome feat for any artist and one that fans can appreciate.

It's expected that with releasing two albums a year, the quality in terms or subject matter and over music will be high. When you start approaching, 3,4 and 5 albums a year, the quality comes into question.

Future's music is highly revered by his fanbase but if he doesn't want to have them singing similar lyrics and questioning his quality, it might be best to slow down a bit.