Should Diddy Respond to Drake's '4PM In Calabasas' Diss?

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By now Drake has shown all of hip-hop that he is not scared of taking his biggest critics an using their greatness to make great hits all his own.

Now the only question is, does Diddy respond to the "4PM In Calabasas" diss?

Whether it's taking down Meek Mill or using a DMX verse on "U With Me?" Drake is just fearless at this point. Clearly Drake will no longer roll over when his greatness is questioned.

He owns the emotional aspect of his music but manages to find a way to snap on a track when his character is questioned.

After practically taking home the win in his beef with Meek Mill, Drake went on to actually pay a little homage to DMX, a known criticizer of Drake and his music.

In previous years Drake also engaged in a beef with Common.

Recently, Drake released one of those famous freestyles titled, "4PM In Calabasas." Drake fans know that where there is a titled that is preceded with some type of timestamp, you're likely to be getting Drake at his best.

That is exactly what "4PM In Calabasas" is.

Diddy is making his exit from music with the final album being titled, No Way Out but a response to Drake's so-called diss track could make the hype surrounding Diddy's final album even greater than it is.

Joe Budden certainly thinks Diddy should respond and so do we, especially for the sport of hip-hop.

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