Short Film 'One Minute Time Machine' An Interesting Spin on Time Travel

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Oh, time travel. It's something that's been taken and applied to many different scenarios.

The question of what are the effects of moving from one point of time to another changes. There's the butterfly effect, where even the smallest change could destroy the future.

Or there's the what's happened was meant to and no matter how much you go back you can't change the future. The short film "One-Minute Time Machine" explores a whole different route.

Who wouldn't like to time travel? To be able to go back a couple minutes and stop yourself from making some huge mistake. The main character, James, has created a time machine in order to pick up a girl.

He goes back in time by one-minute every time he makes a mistake or says the wrong thing.

The film is quirky and quite funny until the end when it takes a turn for the darker. Don't worry though, the comedic aspect comes right back.

The film is directed by Devon Avery for the Sploid Short Film Festival. The film is well acted and the story has an interesting twist on the side-effect of time travel.

Sploid Short Film Festival is a way for aspiring filmmakers and film teams to get their work noticed by a large variety of people.

There will be more short films uploaded to the Sploid youtube. If they're anything like the first one this will turn out to be an enlightening festival.

One-Minute Time Machine

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