Is Shia LaBeouf Teasing A New Project On Twitter?: 'American Honey' Filming

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These days Shia LaBeouf has been a lot more active on social media than he's been in the past and his latest tweet seems as if it's alluding to a new project of some sorts, could it be the new "American Honey" movie?

"What you are about to witness is quite definitely harrowing," tweeted LaBeouf earlier today.

The tweet comes after word that LaBeouf's new project "American Honey" directed by Andrea Arnold has begun shooting in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

"The drama explores a magnetic young girl at the cusp of her independence who runs away with a group of kids and finds herself on a wild adventure across America, according to a media release," reports MuskogeePhoenix.

"Location manager for the film, Mark Jarrett, said citizens of Muskogee have been great so far and very welcoming to their entire team."

The tweet might be interpreted in two ways, either it's LaBeouf teasing his new film or he's continuing his normal cryptic banter on social media.

It's going to be very interesting to see whether or not fans do witness something "quite definitely harrowing." If it's a new Shia LaBeouf movie expect him to bounce back in a big way from his past criticism and actions.

Photo courtesy of DoD News Features Wikimedia Commons.