Shia LaBeouf Spreads The Love On Twitter: Predicting A Bigger Future

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After a bit of a Twitter break, Shia LaBeouf returned yesterday and again today with two tweets that appear to be the actor spreading love.

The tweets were simply a series of hearts one of which has generated 1,700 favorites and 1,200 retweets. The most recent of the two already has hundreds of retweets and favorites as well proving that LaBeouf has some of the most dedicated fans.

His Twitter followers isn't exactly a high number, that being said, the ones who have stuck with him show him love whenever he decides to send a tweet out.

The ludicrous claims of pedophilia in the Sia "Elastic Heart" music video was yet another low point for the star but the controversy has passed as every other issue that LaBeouf found himself in the past year.

LaBeouf always manages to bounce back from criticism of and mishaps that pass his way and these recent tweets show signs that he is at least in a good spirit.

Call him what you'd like to but he is a very talented young actor who has yet to reach the pinnacle of his career.

LaBeouf made the move from Disney to the big screen with Constantine and I, Robot, then ventured into the blockbuster Transformers series. He displayed his versatility with roles in Lawless and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Most recently LaBeouf appeared in Fury, alongside Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman.

It's hard to deny his talent and it honestly looks as if he has a lot more to offer the world in terms of entertainment as well as being someone who has acquired new sense from his errors.