Shia LaBeouf Gives Fans & Followers The Key To Becoming A Samurai Warrior

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"Transformers" star Shia LaBeouf is making a transformation of his own as of late and with that comes some more philosophical tweets as well as some advice more anyone trying to become a samurai warrior.

In a recent tweet, LaBeouf tells fans that they are going to need to get themselves as Katana if they plan on becoming a samurai.

The big question here is, hows does he know this? The strange tweets continue as the star continues to leave his fans in a wonder of where his mind is.

Just recently TMZ, shared a photo of LaBeouf lugging huge pieces of tree trunks around as he sports his new rat-tail hairstyle and eye piercing.

Over the past couple of years he's really be acquiring this tough-guy persona from run-ins with the law to being labeled as the bad guy in a music video for Sia's "Elastic Heart."

Despite his woes he is still going strong with girlfriend Mia Goth according to People.

So unfortunately for any women out there who wanted a shot with the new LaBeouf, you will have some waiting to do. Check out some of the most outrageous tweets from LaBeouf in the last week.