Sharon Osbourne & Julie Chen Visit 'The Howard Stern Radio Show'

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Two hosts of "The Talk" Julie Chen and Sharon Osbourne visited the Howard Stern SiriusXM morning show to talk about the rise of their show, Ozzy Osbourne, Osbourne's semi-nervous breakdown and more.

Stern began the interview by asking Osbourne about the song, "Mama I'm Coming Home", which he says is one of the most beautiful songs.

Ozzy Osbourne wrote the song for his wife and she said that she still gets chills when she hears it according to MarksFriggin.

Meanwhile, Stern commented on Chen losing 25 pounds and said that she looked really great and was back to being Julie Chen.

While Osbourne said that Chen should be at whatever weight makes her happy, which prompted Stern to comment that she too looked great.

"Sharon said Julie is in her prime. Howard said she was losing it. Julie said they are still in reruns this week on The Talk so you won't see it," according to the the rundown.

"She said that if you're watching this week she's 25 pounds heavier than she is today. On September 14th she'll be at this weight."

After the weight talk Stern dove into the hiatus that Osbourne was on and she said that it was due to a semi-nervous breakdown. She said she was exhausted and couldn't really give full details on it but said that stress and life had gotten to her.

She revealed that "The Talk" is her release and she along with Chen continued to plug the new season premiere on September 14.

Chen said that she doesn't watch "The View" anymore because she can't have outside influence in her head. The two shows were clear rivals but "The Talk" has been edging it's way in front of "The View" and seems to be triumphing.

Stern made a Donald Trump joke and Osbourne said that Trump is amusing to her. She also said she doesn't find his demeanor to be dignified especially for someone trying to run a country.

Stern also mentioned the fact that "Big Brother" will be having a transgendered contestant on the show which led to a slight discussion about Caitlyn Jenner.

"Sharon said everyone is bored with transgender. Sharon said she's had enough," according to the MarksFriggin rundown.

"Howard said that it's great to see Bruce Jenner walking around as a woman. Sharon said she loves that one eye that closes and the way he talks.

She did an impression of that voice. Howard asked if Caitlyn could fill in for Sharon if she takes another month off. Julie said it would be interesting."

Overall it was a pretty enlightening interview on the Stern Show centered around the promotion of "The Talk," Osbourne'

s early days the struggle she had during the show and ultimately the larger success that their show is having over "The View."