'Shark Tank' Recap: 'TINTIN', 'BeardBrand', 'Singtrix', 'Myself Belt'

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In a repeat episode of ABC's "Shark Tank" TINTIN, BeardBrand, Singtrix, and Myself Belts make their pitches in front of Sharks, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec to see if they can't reel them in with an enticing deal.


The designers of TINTIN had a great idea to bring the world of personal fitness to a new level. With a line of high compression gear they believed that their product would stand tall above the big time competitors like Nike and Under Armor.

It was up to CEO and founder Patrick Whaley to sell the sharks.

TITIN has form-fitting weighted compression gear using gel weights as inserts. The gel inserts can also be hot or cold. Holding temperature up to 30-45 minutes for post workout recovery. Train Harder, Recover Faster.

The Ask: 500k for a 5% Stake

How it went Down: Cuban right off the back wanted to hear the science behind the technology. Unfortunately for Patrick he was highly skeptical.

Patrick after passing out the product was quick to drop a very enticing bomb on the sharks by sharing that the revenue reached 1 million dollars in the previous month.

Cuban and Herjavec dropped out rather quickly though. They truly did not trust Patrick and his general pitch in terms of the research behind the product.

Lori was next to pull out as she didn't see the actual benefits that this product could bring.

O'Leary on the other hand wanted to focus on the sales which was a proven fact. He offered 500k for a 15% stake.

John stood up though a made an offer of his own for 20% stake for the same amount. It was left to Patrick to make a decision and after wavering a bit did take the offer from John.

About BeardBrand

The company specializing as I bet you can guess in a beard care oil. The owner Eric Bandholdz was confident that his brand of oil was bringing back pride to those men who chose to rock the beard.

Of course if you're going to come selling such a specific product you better coming packing.

Established in 2012, the company's goal is "helping men take care of those beautiful beards." The company has over $600,000 in sales in the last six months and expects $1.2 million in sales for the year.

The Ask: 400k for 15% Stake

How it went Down: Lori couldn't help but feel the amazing beard that Eric had brought along with his product.

It made for a funny moment but the other sharks seemed to be poking fun at Lori rather than focusing on a deal.

Cuban was out first because he didn't think that the company presented itself as a promising brand image.

Although the oils being sold were making a lot of profits Eric wanted to build a high end product line that Mark didn't see as a money maker.

Herjavek was the next to jump and so did Lori. Specifically both of them just weren't feeling the company as a whole and failed to see where it could be sold other than to men.

O'Leary and John followed suit and the BeardBrand walked away a loser.

About Singtrix

The makers of the popular game Guitar Hero stopped by to sell the sharks on their new idea called Singtrix. By the title of course this new product would have its consumers singing rather than rocking out.

The technology behind the new product was described as the most advanced in the industry.

They want to be able to give good singers and bad ones, like the majority of us are, the chance to sing like superstars.

With backup singers available and studio quality sound this game is certainly going to please the music lover.

The Ask: 1.5 Million for 5% Stake

How it went Down: The sharks were cracking up at this amazing technology.

Some of the sound effect voice changers included stadium announcer, robot, and auto tune. Which is all good and fun but with such a big ask it was time to get down to business.

The creators admitted to having offers already for what they were asking for. But came to shark tank in order to sell their product to people that would make them better.

The already lined up a 30,000 unit deal exclusively with a major electronic retailer. Cuban admitted that the product was a good idea and was going to buy it.

But the risk for advertising and manufacturing costs were too much. In other words he didn't believe the 1.5 million would be enough to cover both those areas.

O'Leary and Lori both decided to offer 1.5 million but for a high percentage stake. Upon getting paid their money back though they would drop their percentage at the same time taking $2.50 per unit sold.

John and Herjacek decided to offer the 1.5 million for 20 and 25 percent. This was worlds away from what the 2 creators were looking for and they only counter offered with a 2% rise in the stake. The sharks all jumped out after that.

About Myself Belts

This company was founded on the idea of giving kids a better self-independence. Myself belts are designed for a one handed easy to fasten belt for both kids and adults.

Great for potty training, preschoolers, school uniforms, and kids who just love to accessorize. Sized for kids 2-12, Myself Belts are available in leather and solid colors as well as adorable designs like airplanes, hearts, and trucks.

The Ask: 60k for 10% Stake

How it went down: Talia the creator decided it would be a good idea to bring along her friend Tegan who was only 5 years old. He passed along the product to the sharks.

O'Leary was quick to point out the negative which was that new sizes would have to be bought every time the kid grew calling for a great deal of inventory.

The company has only seen 200k per year. This obviously made the sharks a little nervous no matter what economic downfalls could be used as an excuse.

O'Leary clearly saw a falling out for such a simple idea and he jumped out.

Lori made the point that if a product is truly good it will continue to thrive in any market.

Cuban, Herjavek, and Lori all said they were out because they couldn't see growth and they didn't see a strong leader in Talia.

It was left to John and Talia made a strong push as he had invested in a belt product before. He made an offer at 75k for 25%.

To the chagrin of all of the other sharks Talia asked for John to go down to 20% despite the fact he was the only one who believed in her company. The counter was refused and she accepted the offer.

A very exciting episode of Shark Tank and there was a lot of cutthroat jabs being thrown the entire night. Tune in Fridays at 9 p.m. for Shark Tank on ABC.