'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Skinny Mirror,' 'Switch Witch,' 'Three Jerks Beef Jerky,' 'X PlusOne'

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The new season of ABC's Shark Tank continues as The Skinny Mirror, Switch Witch, Three Jerks Beef Jerky and the XCraft X PlusOne all pitch their products to Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec in hopes for an investment.

This week Cuban, O'Leary, John, Greiner and Herjavec are greeted by four more companies who are looking to take their products and companies to the next level, that is, if they can land an investment from one of the five sharks.

About The Skinny Mirror

Belinda Jasmine is the brains behind The Skinny Mirror.

It's a product that is meant to inspire women and make them feel more confident.

The Skinny Mirror also promoting accuracy in mirrors to make sure that women see what they really look like rather than staring into a distorted mirror.

"When I first saw my reflection in The Skinny Mirror prototype, I felt a surge of energy. The slimming effect was subtle, but most importantly, it was believable.

I stood up taller, felt more attractive, and all the areas of concern with my body that I had before didn't exist anymore.

For the first time in a long time, I actually liked what I saw in the mirror." - Belinda Jasmine

The ask: $200,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: O'Leary believes that Jasmine is creating a falsehood. Jasmine has sold 350 units for $85,000. O'Leary does not believe in the falsehood.

O'Leary believes it's a scam and he pulls out. He also forbids other sharks from investing in the product.

Cuban says he can see both sides but there is a challenge for the customer when they use their real mirror at home. He doesn't want to take the risk and Cuban is out.

Herjavec uses the same argument that Cuban does and for that matter, he pulls out. John says that the product is dangerous and he says he can't get behind it.

Greiner also has that problem and now, all sharks are out. Jasmine goes home without a deal.

About Switch Witch

The Switch Witch is the mastermind of Rob Bouley and Lara Spear Riley who were looking for a way to wean their kids away from candy on Halloween.

The philosophy of Switch Witch works similar to that of the tooth fairy but instead of exchanging a tooth for money, kids can exchange their candy for a present.

"Rob understands the joy of a sweet treat.

As a parent, he understands the task of teaching children about moderation and responsible eating habits.

On Halloween night of 2013, Rob learned about Switch Witches who switch kids' Halloween candy into gifts! Immediately he thought: 'What if families everywhere could have their own Switch Witch? What if I could help make that happen?'" - Switch Witch

The ask: $55,000 for 25% equity.

How it went down: O'Leary is the first to comment on the idea. Cuban says that it can't be a forced story. O'Leary believes that the seasonality is brutal.

The product sold 850 units with $15,700 in sales. O'Leary says that it's a non-proprietary plush doll with no brand. He suggests burning it and is out of the deal.

Herjavec can't get behind the idea and is out of the deal as well. Greiner says it's a one night thing and also steps out.

Cuban says that they are introducing more stress than they are solving and says that it has to be organically viral. Cuban pulls out.

John says that it's a great hobby and too soon for him so he is out. Switch Witch goes out without a deal.

About Three Jerks Beef Jerky

Daniel Fogelson and Jordan Barrocas pitch their Three Jerks Beef Jerky product to the sharks.

The Three Jerks Beef Jerky is made from a prime cuts of filet mignon to give it a bit of sophistication over other jerkys that are marketed.

"At best, most jerkies are made from top or bottom round beef. It is the most over worked muscle in the cow (that's not good).

It lacks flavor and is so tough you may lose a tooth biting into it.

The tenderloin, or Filet Mignon, on the other hand, is the finest steak from the most precious part of the cow. Lean and succulent, this tender and buttery meat puts all other to shame." - Three Jerks Beef Jerky

The ask: $100,000 for 15% equity.

How it went down: $350,000 in sales over 12 months and cost $11 a packet. It costs $3.12 to make but the guys don't want to price close to competitors.

They need to get into national chains and eliminate the high cost to produce. There were three jerks in the beginning, however, he is no longer with them.

O'Leary makes a flyer offer of $100,000 for 33%. Cuban says that the jerky market is brutally competitive and he's not ready to take the journey. Cuban pulls out while Herjavec offers $100,000 for 20%.

John and Greiner offer the same to make it interesting. O'Leary counters with $125,000 for 33%.

John takes his equity down to 17% for the same amount of money. The guys ask for $200,000 in a split deal and O'Leary offers another $50,000. John lowers his equity too 15% but calls for an answer soon.

The guys want John to partner with Greiner but John declines. Herjavec says he will go in with Greiner. The guys decide to go with John's offer for $100,000 with 15%.

About XCraft - X PlusOne

JD Claridge and Charles Manning are pitching the ultimate drone with the X PlusOne drone from their XCraft company.

Drones are becoming a very common investment for hobbyists and filmmakers and Claridge and Manning are promising one that is next level, the X PlusOne drone.

"We are thrilled to be working on what we believe will be the predominant platform design for future UAV's that need both precision landing and hovering capabilities and efficient long-range flight.

Our unique, patent-pending designs coupled with our development integrations have led to an amazing outcome of engineering and innovation." - XCraft

The ask: $500,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: The drones cost $400 to make and sells for $1,800. All sharks seem very interested in all of the products including the Phone Drone.

The guys wants to use the money for scaling production down on the X PlusOne and finish the development on Phone Drone.

O'Leary makes an offer of $750,000 for 25% equity. John offers $1 million for 25% and O'Leary matches.

Greiner offers $1 million for 20% and O'Leary matches. The guys suggest a syndicate deal for all sharks to participate in their own way. The dollar amount is $10 million and the sharks are starting to think the guys are getting greedy.

O'Leary wants 5% minimum in a $6 million deal. Everyone is interested but Cuban is still quiet. The guys chat in privacy and they want to try to get them all. Cuban is still reserved and wants to hear what the guys have to say.

They propose $1.5 million each at 5% equity. Every shark bites except for Cuban. Cuban agrees and the guys get every single shark for a total of $6 million and 25% equity. They receive a Shark Tank syndicate.