'Shark Tank' Recap: 'iCPooch,' 'BeeSweet Lemonade,' 'BrandYourself,' and 'The Home T'

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In an all new episode of ABC's "Shark Tank" iCPooch, BeeSweet Lemonade, BrandYourself, and The Home T have been approved to present their hopes and dreams in front of sharks, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

About BeeSweet Lemonade

Yet another young entrepreneur entered the shark tank with high hopes. It was Mikaila Ulmer, only 9, who debuted her BeeSweet Lemonade in front of the sharks. The slogan would be, "Buy a Bottle, Save the Bees!"

"BeeSweet Lemonade with flaxseed and honey is a very special lemonade. I found the yummy recipe in my great granny Helen's 1940's era cookbook.

I love honey, and as a social entrepreneur, I love educating families about the importance of bees in our ecosystem. A portion of my profits go to organizations working hard to help honeybees."

The Ask: 60k for 10%

How it Went Down: Father and daughter revealed that the company has been in existence 5 years and sells to Whole Foods.

The plan for the 60k would be to expand the reach of the lemonade into the Southwest region. Mr.

Wonderful was skeptical right off the back because the company had only seen 25k in 5 years. He also didn't appreciate the fact that Mikaila would have to juggle school and a business.

Herjavec and Cuban were next to jump out. Robert thought the shelf space was far too competitive in the grocery stores. While Mark didn't see enough of a company.

Lori had far more personal reasons for letting this offer go. Turns out she is allergic to lemonade and couldn't invest in anything she can't actually taste.

Daymond was the last shark to consider BeeSweet Lemonade and he made an offer of 60k for 25%. This deal only works if Daymond can find a place on convenient store shelves in the Northeast.

Be on the look out for BeeSweet Lemonade.

About BrandYourself

"BrandYourself is the first product that empowers you to control what people find when they Google your name." Patrick Ambron had the idea when he realized that when searching his name on Google the only match was for criminals.

The company doesn't just meet the needs of personal online branding. Business can use the concept in order to improve their image on the internet. BrandYourself also promises to, "Suppress negative results and prevent future ones from appearing."

The Ask: 2 Million for 13.5%

How it Went Down: The sharks obviously woke up when hearing this offer and paid very close attention.

The company wants to offer a premium version for about 100 dollars a year at the same time offering a free service to gain numbers.

Patrick revealed that the company has seen 2.2 million in just 2 years. This excited the sharks but also made some of them very nervous.

O'Leary was aware of the competition that exists for a company of this nature. He revealed that there are other companies who offer much more reliable online branding for just a little more money.

He couldn't see BrandYourself competing in a very established market.

Lori and Daymond weren't comfortable making any offer at all because of lack of knowledge. This concept was just way beyond their technology knowledge and it was left to Cuban and Herjavec.

Cuban was afraid that the early success was too good to believe. Clearly Patrick wasn't lying but Cuban just didn't see the company growing any more than it already has.

Herjavec made an offer of 2 Million for 25% and this was very enticing for Patrick. Due to pressure to find a middle ground he wasn't able to take the deal.

Be on the lookout for this company though, it might just continue to make millions without any sharks.

About iCPooch

Brooke Martin, only 14, jumped into the tank to show off her product entitled iCPooch.

A device that allows it users to connect with their pets while away from the home. By implementing a FaceTime camera you can see your dog or cat whenever or wherever you may be.

The small unit can also be used as security surveillance. But most definitely the coolest function would be the treat dispenser attached.

Making sure that your pet never goes a few hours without a tasty treat and a reminder of an owner at home.

The Ask: 150k for 20%

How it Went Down: This company was very proud to show off a friendly dog in order to conceptualize their product. It needed a lot more than that.

It was revealed early on by Brooke that only 115 units had been sold thus far. Of course O'Leary didn't like this whatsoever.

Mr. Wonderful said, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." He clearly didn't see a need for dogs to have any company and said he hated the idea.

Cuban had a problem with the fact that a separate iPad was necessary to connect with your pet, thus he didn't make an offer.

Daymond revealed a fun fact that dogs sleep 95% of the time that humans aren't around, not surprisingly he didn't make an offer either.

The rest of the sharks quickly jumped on the bandwagon and iCPooch didn't cADeal.

About The Home T

Ryan Shell made the plunge with a common idea on the show, a custom T shirt brand. The Home T was founded on the concept that your home is the most important part of you.

The shirts have each state in mind and have a stylish design front and center.

A message from the owners, "Hi, we're The HomeT! There's three things you might like to know about us.

Our shirts are insanely soft, we donate a portion of profits to multiple sclerosis research, and our products are Made in the USA."

The Ask: 250k for 5%

How it Went Down: In the first 5 months the company made 1.1 million in revenue. The sharks were very skeptical as to how this was possible. Ryan came in with answers and a revealed a long background of marketing experience.

Mr. Wonderful was very confident that T Shirts are a commodity and no company could ever be established from such a simple product. He quickly bashed the idea and Ryan stating he could hire anybody and start a similar company.

Cuban loved the idea but just couldn't see it growing into a stable money maker. Simply he saw a dip in future sales and couldn't risk it and thus no offer from Cuban.

Herjavec and Lori both made offers and Ryan was very disappointed. The offer from Lori was 250k for 30% and it shocked Ryan. He couldn't believe that the sharks offered so little when his profit margins were so high.

Daymond made an offer as Ryan was swimming out of the tank at 250k for 20%. Again this was shocking to Ryan.

Daymond attacked his integrity by saying he was only on the show for more publicity and not for an offer. Ryan in the end didn't sell the company in a friendly manor and the sharks ate him alive.

Ultimately it was a slow night for the sharks. Only one product got a deal and even that was a pending agreement. Here's hoping to a little better next week on Shark Tank which airs 9 p.m. on ABC.