'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Glow Recipe,' 'Leaux Racing Trikes,' 'Sarah Oliver Handbags' & 'Trunkster'

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After a bit of a break, ABC's Shark Tank is back featuring Glow Recipe, Leaux Racing Trikes, Sarah Oliver Handbags and Trunkster, who are seeking investments from sharks Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

Corcoran, Cuban, Herjavec, O'Leary and Greiner are swimming with the pitches ranging from handbags that are knit by the elderly to three-wheeled racing trikes.

About Glow Recipe

Christine Chang and Sarah Lee pitch their product Glow Recipe, which happens to be a line of Korean beauty products. The products are made from hand-picked ingredients that goes through a special curation process.

Glow Recipe is looking to change the way people look at skincare with their product.

"Our goal was to create a lovingly curated destination site that makes natural, harsh-free beauty products and the latest skincare trends from Korea accessible to beauty-forward women around the world." - Glow Recipe

The ask: $425,000 for 10% equity.

How it went down: The sharks try some of the samples and they seem interested and inquisitive. O'Leary realizes that the business is built around curation.

In the first two month's their revenue was $3,000 year to date they have over $500,000 in sales and are on track for $1 million. They get the word out about their product through YouTube.

They have 110 SKU's and O'Leary wants to know why other companies don't have Korean beauty products. O'Leary says they don't have the scale on their competitors. Corcoran says that the numbers are nuts and they should have come in cheaper.

Corcoran asks for 40% in the company and O'Leary offers 50%. Herjavec makes an offer for 30%. Greiner finally interjects and says that the beauty industry is too competitive for her and she pulls out of the deal. The women would love to work with Cuban because of his expertise in marketing.

Cuban is at a stand still and says he doesn't know enough, which leads the other sharks to advise him to drop out. Cuban says he doesn't know and pulls put of the deal.

The girls ask Herjavec for 18%. Herjavec is happy to do the deal alone at 25% but the girls seem to want Cuban involved. They talk it over and accept Herjavec's deal for $425,000 for 25% equity.

About Leaux Racing Trikes

Tyler Hadzicki built his Leaux Racing Trikes with inspiration from his father who is also a fellow inventor. Shark Tank fans have seen trikes on the show before by Hadzicki is looking to make his Leaux Racing Trikes even better with an investment from one or more of the sharks.

The design of the Leaux Racing Trikes have the driver at the lowest possible seating with the pedals extending to the front of the front tire.

"What started off as a fun, weekend-build project with my dad quickly turned into much more.

We launched our custom trikes on Kickstarter in early 2013 (under the name 'Onda Cycle') hoping that enough people would share our vision and support us in making the first batch.

The response was overwhelming and we raised 311% of our original goal (!) We finished those orders in late 2013." - Leaux Racing Trikes

The ask: $120,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: Cuban and Herjavec jump right into trying the trike. O'Leary joins but he is a bit slow. They all seemed to have a ton of fun and Hadzicki began the real explanation of the Leaux Racing Trike.

He actually won a science fair with because of the design. The cost per unit is $350 but they cost $170 to make. Hadzicki doesn't have an inspector so he does all of the inspections by himself.

O'Leary asks why he didn't go to Asia for the manufacturing. Cuban says he needs to raise his price significantly and Herjavec wants to know who buys the trikes.

Corcoran says she thinks Hadzicki has a long way to go and pulls out of the deal. O'Leary is next up and he also pulls out of the deal.

Greiner doesn't like that he personally tests each trike and says he is a bit of a ways away so she is out. Herjavec doubts the market of the trike and says he needs to choose between kids and the hardcore riders.

Herjavec doesn't know how he can help and pulls out of the deal.

Cuban wants to know what the next project is and when he doesn't see the vision from Hadzicki, he pulls out. Hadzicki doesn't get a deal with one of the sharks.

About Sarah Oliver Handbags

Sarah Oliver and the Purlettes (a team of elderly knitters) are looking to have the Sarah Oliver Handbags reach the next stage of growth. Oliver is pitching hand-knitted bags that are both economical and stylish.

She is looking to take her business to the next level with an investment from a shark who is willing to continue the path she started.

"The Purlettes + 1 are the backbone of sarah oliver handbags. They are the coolest, most inspiring group of men and women - average age 88 - and we feel like the luckiest team in the world to get to work with them.

The founding group nicknamed themselves The Purlettes +1, so named for their "knit one, purl two" expertise, as well as the pearls of wisdom they impart. The + 1 represents the sole male knitter, Hector." - Sarah Oliver Handbags

The ask: $250,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: Oliver plays the video of each of her Purlettes +1 explaining why they love the business. Corcoran asks if it is a charity or a business and Oliver says it is a business for sure. Oliver says that they all work for her willingly and she pays them about $17.

Some bags cost $47 to make and sells for $225. O'Leary says the opportunity is to tell the story of the women.

Greiner makes an offer and she believes that all of the sharks to be in on the offer. Greiner offers $250,000 for 25% equity with each shark receiving 5% equity. Herjavec is in but O'Leary wants to know more about the manufacturers. Corcoran doesn't want to invest in the business and she pulls out.

Cuban says it's not a fit for him and he pulls out. O'Leary says he will go in if he is able to get 10% out of it.

He will go in if she agrees on 30% equity. Oliver learns a very important lesson in the Shark Tank and has to accept the offer of $250,000 for 30% from O'Leary, Herjavec and Greiner.

About Trunkster

Gaston Blanchet and Jesse Potash pitch Trunkster, a bold luggage design that could possibly be the luggage of the future.

Trunkster luggage comes equipped with a GPS for peace of mind, a charger for your mobile products, roll top access for easy entry, a built in scale and a sturdier handle.

The Trunkster luggage is being introduced to reduce the stress of traveling and make the experience pleasant.

"Meet the world's most revolutionary luggage, featuring zipperless entry for faster access, USB charging, a built-in digital scale, and location tracking." - Trunkster Indie GoGo

The ask: $1.4 million for 5% equity.

How it went down: The sharks try the luggage out and O'Leary wants to know who he can tear to pieces. He asks them if they are out of their mind because they are pre-selling with an over $20 million projection.

The pair lives in China in order to make sure the manufacturing company is doing their job. Greiner says it is different and clever but she doesn't believe it's worth what the guys have evaluated it at.

Herjavec says it's worth $3-5 million at the most. The guys aren't budging on the equity. O'Leary asks if they are prepared to have flexibility on the $28 million ask. Corcoran doesn't believe in the product because it is too masculine. She also thinks it is too heavy and harsh.

Corcoran pulls out of the deal. Herjavec agrees that it is interesting but because of he unanswered questions, he wants 30% equity.

O'Leary decides that he will partner with Herjavec, but Herjavec doesn't want O'Leary to go in on the deal. O'Leary offers to go in for 37%.

Greiner is worried about the gamble but still agrees to go in for 15%. Cuban says that it is impressive but he wants to know when he can get his money back. Cuban says their numbers don't calculate to big numbers.

He says they didn't look at it from a sharks perspective.

The guys want to chat about a 20% equity deal with two sharks. The guys offer a deal with Greiner and Cuban where they will offer 10% and 5% for month they aren't able to pay the sharks back.

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