'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Foot Cardigan,' 'Nerdwax,' 'Two Guys Bowtie Company' & 'Valpark Mobile'

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The Sharks of ABC's Shark Tank receive pitches from Foot Cardigan, Nerdwax, Two Guys Bowtie Shop and Valpark Mobile. Will Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner or special guest shark Troy Carter take the bait?

Troy Carter is the founder and CEO and Chairman of Atom Factory, a multidimensional entertainment and artist management company.

Carter has worked with celebrities like Lady Gaga and his roster contains artists John Legend, Meghan Trainor, Lindsey Stirling, Charlie Puth, Kamasi Washington and more.

Carter is looking to make a splash in his first guest appearance on Shark Tank, alongside Cuban, John, O'Leary and Greiner.

About Foot Cardigan

All pants are off when Foot Cardigan CEO Bryan DeLuca pitches his subscription-based sock company to the sharks.

Foot Cardigan's sock line is extensive and offers socks for anyone ages three and up. The company also has it's own Footsies Podcast where they talk everything Foot Cardigan.

"You don't get to choose what pair you get! Think of it this way: you get to play the sock lottery and win every time.

Our scientific sock selection process guarantees an instant conversation starter will always be conveniently located just below your knees." - Foot Cardigan

The ask: $250,000 in exchange for 10% equity.

How it went down: Each shark was presented with their very own socks. The guys have been in business for 3 years with over 1 million in sales. Cost per sock is $1.30 overseas in Turkey, China and domestically in the U.S. The company is seasonal and the biggest customers are men. $900,000 in sales in today.

Cuban says that if their conversion rates are so high why aren't they making enough money and the answer was basic life issues such as children.

Greiner says she's not sure they are doing something unique, just executing it differently and for that matter she is out.

Damon offers $250,000 for 22.5%. O'Leary wants to do $250,000 for 15% with the ability to take money out as they do. Carter offers $250,000 for 15% without distributions and an agreement to create a narrative.

Cuban wants to grow the company rather than worry about being paid back. He offers $250,000 for 20% and is willing to split it with Carter. The guys like Cuban's deal and they take the $250,000 for 20% split between Cuban and Carter.

About Nerdwax

The Nerdwax no-slip glasses product is being pitched by Don and Lydia Hejney. The company began on Kickstarter and has grown since.

Nerdwax is the solution to having to constantly adjust the glasses on your face.

Hejney took some time off when he found he needed to spend more time with his family and he had some bad luck. Nerdwax the result of wanting to make a change in his lifestyle.

"Nerdwax is a beeswax based blend of All Natural and Certified Organic Ingredients specially formulated to keep your glasses in place while you live your life." - Nerdwax

The ask: $80,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: The Hejney markets online and has sold $136,000 with $65,000 in profit. O'Leary wants to reduce the amount and drop the price of the product so that the turn around is much quicker.

Cuban thinks it's a mistake to drop the price. Greiner agrees with O'Leary on the price but drops out. Carter drops out immediately.

John tells the Hejney family not to take in any money. O'Leary is will to give them $80,000 but 10% of the sales before he can get his money back, along with 3% in the company.

Cuban says that going larger too soon is not the best way to go. He says it's a great small business but he's not sure they should grow too fast and pulls out.

Carter jumps back in for an $80,000 loan for $120,000 back and 10% in the company. They decline all offers to the advice of John and Cuban.

About Two Guys Bowtie Company

Two Guys Bowtie Company is pitched by Adam Teague and Tim Paslay.

They are looking to take their stylish adventure to the next level with possible funding from one or more of the sharks. The Two Guys Bowtie Company specializes in wooden bowties and even has a build your own section.

"Two Guys Bow Ties is an innovative and distinctive brand that has reinvented the classic bow tie.

Derived from a collaboration of creative and tasteful minds, Two Guys Bow Ties is an accessory created for a daring new generation of men set to express themselves with originality and flair." Two Guys Bowtie

The ask: $150,000 for 10% equity.

How it went down: The guys aren't selling their hats yet however the principle product is the bowtie that cost $7.50 to make.

They did $470,000 in one year and take pride in their shipping and craftsmanship with less than 30 returns for defect.

Carter loves the story but says it's more of John's expertise and pulls out immediately. O'Leary likes the idea of the bowties for his "platform of love." He makes the guys an offer for $150,000 for 15%.

John says he will have to work harder so he wants $150,000 for 20% with a 10% royalty. Cuban pulls out because he's not into the fashion industry.

Greiner says she would be a customer but not an investor. The guys over look O'Leary and ask for a deal between John and Carter but John says he would need to up the equity to 30%. Carter agrees to go in with John if the guys agree on 30%.

The guys counter for 20% with a 5% royalty. Carter wants to see a 10% royalty. O'Leary makes an offer and the guys overlook it once more and go after a counter of 2.5% less for John on the equity.

About Valpark Mobile

Valpark Mobile is an application and company that specializes in offering a prepaid valet service.

Wayne Johnson is looking for an investment in the Valpark Mobile app but runs into some trouble when it comes to receiving that investment.

The ask then turns into a bit of a back and forth, which, never really gets you where you want to go.

"ValPark Mobile is currently available at over 100+ locations in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. We are at popular restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and daily garages." - Valpark Mobile

The ask: $300,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: Johnson is only in 115 locations and his partner owns 46% equity. Carter says that tech is a copycat market and asks how Johnson prevents himself from stopping that.

Carter says that Valpark is going against a niche market and doesn't have a lot of real estate. Carter and Johnson get into a back and forth and says he's out.

Cuban said that he was an idiot who said no to Uber and pulled out of Valpark as well. O'Leary doesn't see the vision and he steps out.

Greiner says that she doesn't feel it's right to take 30% of his company or any for that matter and pulls out.

John says that he will go in if Carter or Cuban agrees to go in but, they both refuse. Valpark walks away without an investor.