Shark Tank Recap: 'Echo Valley Meats,' 'Emazing Lights,' 'Naja Lingerie,' and 'AquaVault'

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In an all new episode of ABC's "Shark Tank" Echo Valley Meats, Emazing Lights, Naja Lingerie, and AquaVault take a dive into the famous tank and try to survive sharks, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec.

About Echo Valley Meats

This gourmet meat company Echo Valley Meats decided it was time to jump back into the tank. Back in season 4 they appeared but got nothing from the sharks.

Reasons for the pass included not being a meat eater and failing to agree on a way to sell the product.

Now it was time for another go and the owner Dave is going to have to prove to the sharks that his business is worth a deal.

Considering he's had a few years of experience under his belt he'll have to show off some impressive numbers to get the attention of the sharks.

The Ask: $150,000 for 20%

How it went down: Sales after the first time Echo Valley Meats was on the show "exploded." They broke $1.4 million on mail order alone, and that's why Echo Valley is asking for half the original price: he's only selling the mail order. His profit was 18.3% of the $1.4 mil, and the Sharks were impressed. Yet the Sharks were hesitant about the split of the company... did this stop them? Not at all.

But Kevin made an offer of $150,000 for the whole business, plus his cupcakes sold on the sight. Robert made a counter offer of $300,000 for 35%.

Kevin adjusted to $150,000 for 17.5%, but Mark chimed in with $150k for 20%, and the option to purchase 25% of the other half of his business. Echo Valley bit at this, and made a deal with Mark.

About Emazing Lights

Emazing Lights is a brand from the 21st century. Their main product being a set of gloves that light up at the tips.

They glow and blink different colors so that you might be able to stand out at a rave concert if you please.

The bulk of the idea though is centered on the idea that one dances with them on. Moving your hands fast and quick in order to perform a kind of light show. Check out the video below to learn more.

The Ask: $650,000 for 5%

How it went down: The Sharks are concerned it's a fad, but like the fact it can be a niche. "Gloving" has become a sport. The owner of Emazing, Brian, has developed "gloving" into a performance art, and he's creating his own industry. 90% is sold online. Kevin pitched a loan of $650,000 for 3%, but was declined.

Daymond offered $650,000 for 20% of the licensing that he brings to the company. Robert called him the best entrepreneur they've had on the show, and wanted to go in with Laurie for $1 million for 8% equity.

Daymond and Mark jumped back for $650,000 for 8% equity, and Daymond's 20% on licensing. In response, Laurie and Robert changed their offer for 5% equity. In the end, Brian went with Mark and Daymond.

About Naja Lingerie

One of the most intriguing product of the night for Mr. Wonderful at least. Naja Lingerie is manufactured by single mothers from Columbia.

Part of the cash made is donated to the families. Catalina, the founder, is very passionate about her company and the mothers have most to do with that.

Most of the success or the ability to start the company came from Kickstarter. They raised about 25,000 which was their goal from the outset. Now it is time to see if the sharks will bite.

The Ask: $500,000 for 5%

How it went down: The margins are 72%. "Impressive." An average order is $80. But the Sharks weren't happy with the sell... and not a single one took a bite.

About AquaVault

AquaVault is a unique, patented, outdoor safe with international patents pending. It was created with the vision to revolutionize the level of safety and comfort you want to experience while you enjoy your time outdoors.

Avin, Rob, and Jonathan all founded the product and made their pitch to the sharks. Recently on vacation with my family we had belongings stolen right from under us.

The beach should be a haven but in Florida at least it seems the criminals view it as a hot spot. This product would've certainly come in handy.

The Ask: $75,000 for 12%

How it went down: Unlike their competitors, AquaVault is targeting hotels, cruise ships and theme parks directly with the emphasis on renting. Robert went for $75,000 for 25% right off the bat.

But as they delved into the details, Robert heard more problems than he did opportunity, and pulled out his pitch. Yet Daymond pitched $75,000 for 25% as well, and mentioned he had a deal with HSN. AquaVault bought that one.