'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Coffee Meets Bagel,' 'Doorman,' 'Bantam Bagels' & 'SkinnyShirt'

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New on Shark Tank the thirteenth episode of season 6 investors consider 'Coffee meets Bagel,' 'Doorman,' 'Skinny Shirt,' and 'Bantam Bagels' on a 'breakfast themed' episode.

Three sisters Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang pitch the idea of "Coffee Meets Bagel." But they need money from the sharks. The ladies are seeking 500k for a 5% stake in the company. The app connects singles by their common friends. The sisters claim to give singles the best way to meet others online. It was recently highlighted in TIME magazine's list for 10 Apps for people who actually want to fall in love. The sharks pushed for the number of users but the sisters were unable to give that info. The company has currently raised 2.8 million dollars from investors. Coffee Meets Bagels is projected to earn 10 million next year alone but must spend 10 million in order to raise it user numbers.

O'Leary admitted that at this point in season six a 5% stake isn't enough. Tinder reigns supreme in this market but Coffee Meets Bagel wants to contend. The investors were all too aware of this reality but the break even outlook worried many of them. Out of nowhere Cuban made the sisters a 30 million dollar offer for the entire company.

The biggest offer in Shark Tank history. The sisters rejected the offer without flinching. They believe they have a money maker in the works.

Next the investors looked at SkinnyShirt a clothing company pitched by former Vice President of marketing at Newsweek Magazine Julie Kalimian. She is seeking 100k for a 20% stake in the growing company. "I combined my favorite stretchy knit cami with my favorite button down shirt, and SkinnyShirt was born" says Kalimian. Unfortunately the company only raised 50k last year because of a manufacturing complication.

Cuban questioned the success of the company early on compared to the recent failures. Then O'Leary lashed out and called Kalimian a flat out failure.

He clearly didn't feel the idea is good enough and felt Kalimian did more complaining than actual selling.

The sharks quickly jumped ship and overall the idea was decided not unique enough to stand alone and more importantly make money on it's own.

The sharks were then asked to consider the Doorman service pitched by former Pixar employee Zander Adell. The company allows it users to send packages to a warehouse the company owns. You have to pay $3.99 a delivery or $20 dollars a month for the service. The idea allows its users to get it's packages on a hourly schedule. No more worrying about gifts being stolen from the front porch.

Just sign up and you can choose when and where your doorman will deliver the goods within a 2 hour window. Barbara, Lori, and Robert all jumped on this fish.

Lori wanted 250k for 15% but Robert sold Zander with a 12% stake instead. He happily accepted the deal.

Finally the sharks were met by former Wall Street hopefuls Nick and Elyse Oleksak. The husband and wife pitched their mini stuffed bagel idea. The couple is seeking 275k for a 11% stake. Now formally known as Bantam Bagels. The little guys found their way onto Oprah's favorite things of 2014 and were featured on the Today Show. The shop is located in the West Village in New York City. But you can order by the dozens online. The sharks got a taste and fell in love. O'Leary quickly changed the topic to business.

The company is struggling to meet the demand of their bagels. The couple has raised 600k from investors but they need some help from the sharks. Nick is already making six figures but wants to live out a dream. He pleaded to the sharks that this company is his life. Cuban didn't want in because the company seemed to lack direction.

But Barbara made an offer of 275k for 51%! Far from the 11% and Cuban felt the couples pain upon hearing such an offer. O'Leary was up next but only dropped the percent by 1%.

Lori admitted the name was a bit lacking but she offered 275k for 30%. After the coupled wavered a bit they went with Lori.

Shark Tank provided the highest offer in the shows history tonight. Surprisingly enough it was turned down by the sisters behind Coffee Meets Bagels. The other rejected idea was SkinnyShirt.

Doorman and Bantam Bagels walked away winners and received money from the sharks. Tune in next week for a new episode of Shark Tank on ABC.