'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Clean Sleep,' 'NOHBO,' 'SworkIt' & 'TutuBlue'

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The hit ABC show Shark Tank kicks back into full gear as Clean Sweep, NOHBO, SworkIt and TutuBlue pitch their businesses to sharks Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec.

Cuban, Greiner, Corcoran, O'Leary and Herjavec will have to battle each other in the Shark Tank if they plan on making a deal with one of these companies. Thing should get interesting when they take a dive into the tank.

About SworkIt

Greg Coleman and Ben Young pitch the SworkIt app to help you keep up with your fitness.

The world today is full of healthy individuals who believe in living a healthy lifestyle and with the SworkIt app you can stay on top of it.

However, with other apps out there that have a similar purpose, will these entrepreneurs get what they're looking for?

"Sworkit (derived from Simply WORK IT) is a fitness app that takes you through 5-60+ minute strength, yoga, pilates and stretching workouts requiring no equipment.

We strive to provide the simplest way to get a workout in anywhere, anytime, with no room for excuses. SWORKIT is available for free on iOS, Android, and Amazon." - SworkIt

The Ask: $1.5 million for 8% equity.

How it went down: The sharks are very taken back by the ask and it looks like the guys have to make a very good pitch. They give a full rundown of how the application works and it all seems pretty simple.

The guys have a Spotify integration and they reveal that they have a panel of personal trainers. They started their company a couple years ago with a different product.

The app is free and there is an upgraded premium version. They do plan on introducing a subscription service as well.

Herjavec wants to know why the numbers aren't higher and the guys respond by telling him that the free version is good enough for users but it is monetized by ads.

They based their evaluations on eight acquisitions that they have seen in their category. 72% of their ads are actually being sold. The guys also have a SworkIt Kids coming out. O'Leary offers the $1.5 million in debt with a 2.75% return. Cuban offers the $1.5 million for 10% and $1.5 million worth of his unsold ad inventory.

Greiner says she was on the fence of everything but Cuban is really itching for the deal and interrupts her. Herjavec interjects and asks Cuban to be respectful. Greiner pulls out of the deal.

Herjavec says his offer would be higher and he pulls out as well.

Corcoran says their app is the answer to her workout problem so, she will download it but she is out. The guys end up going with Cuban's deal.

About Clean Sleep

If you ever wanted to clean your mattress but didn't want to have the hassle of taking off of your bed Michael Ingles' Clean Sleep may be of interest. Clean Sweep is a mobile mattress cleaning franchise that specializes in sanitizing your mattress.

The company also guarantees a 99.9 percent effectiveness on their cleaning.

"We've spent over 5 years researching and developing the most effective means to remedy many of the issues people and businesses have with their mattresses.

Since then we've
created our patent-pending Clean Sleep technology which utilizes 5 proven technologies that clean, deodorize, and sanitize mattress surfaces." - Clean Sleep

The Ask: $1.5 million for 15% equity.

How it went down: Another big evaluation on Shark Tank this evening but Michael Ingle's pitch is pretty eye-opening. The technology works in just 15 minutes and uses, UV lights, infrared treatments and many others.

Herjavec asks for a demonstration and Ingle's tells him about the process and how he developed the technology. Ingle's recommends doing this every six months in residential homes and more frequently in hotels.

Ingle's says that he was able to save a lot of commercial hotels money replacing their mattresses. The sharks believe that Ingles is charging too little for the service. Ingles has some pretty low numbers when it comes to franchising.

Ingles tells a story of running away from home with just $120. He was taken to his grandparents house and had to change his life. From that point he wanted to be someone that makes things happen.

Cuban says he gets what he is trying to do but is wondering if it's too early to do so. Herjavec isn't sure that Ingles proved that his concept is profitable. Corcoran says it's too confusing and too much money, so she pulls out. Herjavec says it's not for him and he pulls out.

Cuban says if he were to come in and ask for $175,000 for one more truck he may have signed on, however, Cuban says it's too much and pulls out. Greiner is concerned that it will take too long to get her money back and pulls out.

O'Leary says he isn't there and pulls out. Ingles goes home without a deal.

About TutuBlue

Sarah Buxton who played Morgan DeWitt on The Bold and the Beautiful tries her hand on the business end of things with TutuBlue. TutuBlue is Buxton's way of enjoying fun in the sun at the beach without exposing herself to harmful rays of the sun.

After battling skin cancer, she knows the damage that the harmful rays can do to your body.

"TUTUBLUE is a UPF50 sun-protective activewear brand designed by Sarah Buxton. Tutublue was born of her love of sun, fitness, health and high fashion.

I like to wear my beach suit while I swim, surf, snorkel, stand up paddle board, windsurf, hike, bike, run, play tennis, beach volleyball .. just about any sport in the sun." - TutuBlue

The Ask: $200,000 for 25% equity.

How it went down: Buxton makes a pretty eccentric pitch to the sharks. Buxton passes out a couple of samples.

Herjavec wants to know if it's a wetsuit substitute. O'Leary however, doesn't know who wants to cover up that much of their body.

Buxton admits that the company is just a couple of months old but she has $400,000 in sales. She reveals that she was diagnosed with melanoma and couldn't imagine have the ocean as a part of her life. So, she combined both of these moments in one.

They cost $47 to make and retails at $220. Buxton doesn't have a lot of answers for the sharks and Corcoran says it's too early so she pulls outs.

Cuban says the personal story fits perfectly but going outside of the holy grail is all that she has been doing. Cuban says the more directions she goes, the harder it is for the sharks.

Herjavec says that it's too wide for him right now and pulls out. Cuban says it's the amount of work that's throwing him off. Then, Buxton reveals that she was on The Bold and the Beautiful.

However, it doesn't help her with Cuban and he pulls out. Greiner pulls out because it's too early. O'Leary says it's impossible to make an offer and pulls out of the deal. Buxton goes home without a deal.


If you care about the environment just as much as Benjamin Stern does, chances are you might like what NOHBO stands for.

With all of the pollution and negative effects that plastic waste has on the environment, Stern wanted to find a way to significantly reduce it with NOHBO. This drove him to create an environmentally friendly packaging solution, the NOHBO balls.

"Nohbo is the world's first eco-friendly shampoo ball. No more plastic shampoo bottles.

Just you, your hair, and the elements. Nohbo is completely waste-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free. Each Nohbo ball is wrapped in a biodegradable plant-based material, which means COMPOST!" - NOHBO

The Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: Stern and his grandmother stroll in to meet the sharks. He has a lot of charisma in his pitch and throws a lot of stats out.

The pitch is very easy to understand and is almost magical in how simple it is. Stern needs to investment to license the product.

There are a few samples passed around and the sharks try to guess what sparked the idea for NOHBO. They are patent pending at the moment. Stern says that Hyatt hotels already wants samples of the product.

Stern is a very ambitious young man and got a job at 14 to pay for the expenses of the chemist. The sharks are all pretty impressed with Stern and his product.

Cuban says he gets why Stern wants to do hotels, however, there is a training aspect that comes with it.

Greiner says she was amazed but tells Stern it's too early for her to be involved and pulls out. O'Leary says that it's a long journey and pulls out of the deal. Herjavec says if the patent is real he will give Stern what he is asking for for a licensing deal later on.

Cuban says he loves the idea. He offers $100,000 for 25%. Corcoran says that she will be in for the ask. Stern thanks the sharks for their offers and goes with Cuban.

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