'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Buck Mason', 'Noene', 'Snag a Stool', and 'ZinePak'

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In an all new episode of ABC's "Shark Tank" Buck Mason, Noene, Snag a Stool, and ZinePak, got the once in a lifetime chance to strike a deal with sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec.

About ZinePak

Kim Kaupe and Brittany Hodak pitch their wildly successful "audience engagement" business, called ZinePak. The two women create unique content for fans of celebrities, musicians, sports stars, TV Shows, movies and more.

The ZinePak (pronounced "ZEEN PACK) girls put together packages for the likes of Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez.

Sometimes the ZinePak is a limited edition item while at other times as in the case of Taylor Swift they're available at retail locations like Wal-Mart.

The Ask: 725k for 10%

How it Went Down: Sales over the last 12 months have generated 3 million dollars. Essentially the two ladies repackage new release albums from artists and give fans a little more extra than just the music.

Not only do they redesign music albums but also tickets for summer concert tours.

The projections for sales next year are predicting to be 8 million dollars. Therefore the offers started flying in but the equity was a little higher than what the ladies were asking for.

O'Leary offered the 725k for 35% which Kim and Brittany did appreciate.

Mark just couldn't get around the fact that physical entertainment is a dying industry and that the company wouldn't last. But the ladies were adamant that super fans wanted something to hold.

Daymond came in next with an offer of 725k for 30% which eventually went down to 25% after Lori and Herjavec made an offer together for 725k for 25%. The company has grown so quickly and the ladies just couldn't leave with out at least a 5 million dollar evaluation.

They countered the sharks asking if 725k for 14% was a possibility. Daymond and O'Leary backed off but ZinePak got a deal with Lori and Herjavec, 725k for 20%.

About Snag a Stool

Jamie Manning and Adriano Varassin hope to snag a Shark to invest in Snag a Stool a bar stool reservation app. The pair started Snag a Stool in 2013.

The app, a self-described "Open Table for bars," allows users to reserve a seat at the bar ahead of time.

Manning got the idea for the business when he paid someone to save him a seat at his favorite watering hole so he could watch the Boston Bruins in the playoffs.

The Ask: 120k for 18%

How it Went Down: The sharks immediately started attacking this app because a lot of grey area existed. For example the fact that bars don't need to reserve seats during busy times because it is full already.

Also the fact that if seats were reserved people would just get pissed off.

The two men admitted that the app is only attached to three bars and no income is produced from any of this. Most of the sharks quickly feasted and left offers on the table.

O'Leary left the creators with some friendly advice that they should partner with high class bars.

Mr. Wonderful admitted that he would pay anything to watch Pats games at his favorite bar, that being said it isn't football season. Snag a Stool just couldn't snag a shark without proving success.

About Buck Mason

Sasha Koehn and Erik Shnakenberg pitch Buck Mason an American made men's fashion line.

They created the business to bring jobs to America and to provide American men with stylish clothing. Only 3% of the clothing purchased in America is made here, Buck Mason is bucking that trend.

Buck Mason clothing is a bit pricey at $24 for a tee-shirt, $88 for an oxford shirt, and $135 for a pair of pants. While those prices may seem a bit high, they are less than other big-name designer clothes of similar style.

Rarely do fashion lines succeed on Shark Tank.

The Ask: 200k for 8%

How it Went Down: The owners didn't try and over impress the sharks by any means. Just a humble story about how they're are inspired to make stylish clothes here in America.

They admitted they weren't fashion guys but Erik did come from the clothing industry.

800k in 8 months for the small time LA company. A lot of the sales come from repeat customers who are very much loyal to the company.

Mark, Lori, and Herjavec all appreciated the fact that 10k has turned into 800k but the company is clearly still small time.

Daymond didn't see the value in the company but O'Leary made an offer of 200k for 50% which obviously the men turned down. They countered O'Leary for 200k for 15% with a 100k line of credit added on but this was laughed off by Mr.

Wonderful and he exited.

Herjavec though out of nowhere agreed to give the men 200k for 25% plus the 100k in added credit. Erik was sure that this company would grown into a legitimate brand and to give up 25% would be like selling his soul.

All the sharks cringed that a deal wasn't made because the fact is Buck Mason could fail at any time and they may never get a chance like the one they did tonight.

About Noene

Former NFL linebacker Bryon Scott pitches Noene USA, a line of high tech, ultra shock-absorbing insoles. As a veteran of the Atlanta Falcon, New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, and Buffalo Bills, Mr. Scott knows something about absorbing shocks.

What makes Noene insoles so special is what material makes up the insoles.

According to the website, "Noene is a type of rubber, which, thanks to its internal structure and special composition, has particular characteristics that make it very different from traditional elastomers."

The Ask: 100k for 10%

How it Went Down: Bryon made an impressive presentation by placing a piece of glass under his sole. Next he dropped a weighted ball and the glass didn't break but it certainly did once he removed the sole.

The sharks were intrigued but it wasn't going to last.

Noene is a big time company over in Europe and sells 1.2 million annually. Bryon along with 3 other investors have a million dollars saved up but haven't sold anything yet here in the U.S. With no sales thus far the sharks began to ponder all the work ahead so Lori, O'Leary, and Herjavec walked away quickly.

Bryon admitted that the soles cost about $6 dollars to make but would retail at $29.99 but once again it must be said that not one unit sold here in the U.S. yet.

Mark wanted to partner up with Daymond for 100k each for 10% each. But Daymond didn't see it that way and wanted 20% for each.

Bryon countered for 200k for 25% split between Mark and Daymond. Eventually the deal landed for 200k for 30% and considering the shoe connections between the two sharks you can expect to see Noene very soon.

Overall it was a good night for the investors and the sharks. Even the companies that didn't get deals got some good advice as to how they might succeed in the future.

Remember Shark Tank is also on next week at a special time, 8 p.m. (eastern) on ABC. After at 9 p.m.

it is the premiere of the Shark Tank inspired show Beyond the Tank which looks at how the sharks help the companies they invest in on the show. It is likely just a test for ABC to see if Fridays can be dominated by Shark Tank, because Beyond the Tank will only last 3 weeks.

Check back here for recaps on both shows.