'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Breathometer,' 'Mango Mango,' 'Man Metals' & 'Kane & Couture'

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On Friday's replay of the second episode of season five of ABC's "Shark Tank," the Sharks are asked to choose between "Mango Mango," "Breathometer," "Man Metals" and "Kane and Couture" for their next investment.

After "Mango Mango" fails to impress, "Breathometer" founder and CEO Charles Michael Yim made quite the pitch to the Sharks who seemed pretty hungry to be a part of his goal.

The "Breathometer" is a portable breath analysis platform that allows you to test your blood alcohol concentration (BAC), after having a few drinks on a night out.

The goal of the product Yim says, is to "help people make smarter and safer decisions one breath at a time."

Mark Cuban offered Yim $500,000 of investment money for a 20 percent stake in the company. Cuban believed so heavily in the product he denied Lori Greiner's offer to go in with him on the product.

Yim said that the money would be used strictly for the manufacturing of the "Breathometer." With The U.S. and a few of its neighboring countries going into an almost zero tolerance on driving under the influence, Kevin O'Leary made an offer of $250,000 with a 15 percent stake.

Yim was aiming quite high as he was looking to receive a $1 million joined fund from all Sharks. However, Cuban did not want to go in with the other Sharks causing a bit of a stir.

After all was said and done, the final offer came from all five Sharks with Cuban having a 15 percent majority in the overall 30 percent of the stakes.

The offer was a total of $1 million dollars for 30 percent shares in the company with Daymond John and Robert Herjavec joining in on the deal. Yim had a brief conversation with his CFO and decided to accept the deal.

In one of the most comical pitches of the episode, "Man Metals" creator Jim O'Brien had no such luck in getting the Sharks to invest in his product that rewards men for doing some small household tasks that they normally overlook.

The idea is to reward men for chores that they are pretty much supposed to do and while O'Brien managed to put a smile of Greiner's face with his shirtless comrad, he was unable to impress the Sharks with his product.

The final pitch came from Amber Lee Forrester as she tried to sell the Sharks on "Kane and Couture." Her brand offers a full line of travel options, functional clothing options as well as harnesses and collars.

While O'Leary and Herjavec weren't impress with the projection of $1.8 million in sales from $90,000 thousand Greiner made an offer but it was all contingent upon whether or not John would go in with her.

With his background in branding and distribution from his first line FUBU John accepted to go in with Greiner as Cuban also showed no interest in Forrester's business venture.

Two winners and two losers came out of this episode with as "Breathometer" and "Kane and Couture" triumph over "Man Metals" and "Mango Mango."