'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Beneath the Ink,' 'Melni Connectors,' 'NeatCheeks' and 'PittMoss'

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In an all new episode of ABC's "Shark Tank" Beneath the Ink, Melni Connectors, NeatCheeks, and PittMoss, were all chosen to sell their companies and products to sharks, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O'Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec.

These sharks don't have a light bite and convincing them has become harder than ever.

About NeatCheeks

Danielle Stangler and Julia Rossi both moms made a stretch of a pitch for their scented face wipes. Normally as most everyone is aware face wipes do smell a bit chemically.

The idea came when one of their children reacted happily to a lemonade soaked napkin.

NeatCheeks is available on Amazon at the moment and a 12 pack costs about 4 dollars. The sweetener used for the product is natural and doesn't feel synthetic.

This pitch will be hard considering the fact that any one of the bigger brands could easily copy it but you just never know in the tank.

The Ask: 150k for 20%

How it Went Down: Baby products always make the sharks a little soft and the sample videos had them all smiling.

NeatCheeks is featured in 40 retail stores including 2 Walgreens. Price of production was a little high for all the sharks but the owners were confident that it would drop once a shark got involved.

Even scarier though was the fact the moms have only seen 4k in sales thus far this year.

O'Leary wanted a patent for the product which the ladies said was a work in progress. It would be too easy for bigger brands to copy so O'leary and Mark exited from the offer.

Herjavec was next to go because both Danielle and Julia admitted that 100k of the 150k they came asking for would go to their salaries.

Both lady sharks made offers though and Lori got things started off and made a 150k for 30% offer patent pending.

Barbara was next up and made a little better of an offer at 150k for 25% (cherry flavor pending) which Lori immediately matched but this time the patent was no longer necessary.

Lori and Barbara really had an argument measuring the size of their egos but eventually the company agreed to a deal with Barbara.

About Melni Connectors

Mark Melni pitched his electrical connectors that he first developed back in 2007. The idea came from the Chinese finger traps that most everyone has experienced. The tighter you pull the harder it is to escape.

"Melni Connectors are a revolutionary, time-saving electrical connector that eliminates the need for struggle when connecting wires. Using the device can save up to twelve minutes per connection." But would 12 minutes be worth a connection with one of the sharks?

The Ask: 500k for 5%

How it Went Down: O'Leary was extremely skeptical right off the back because the offer was huge and the evaluation would therefore be 10 million dollars.

The owners admitted that they had gotten a 500k order placed that has yet to be placed. O'Leary was first to go because the pitch failed to inform the sharks what industry the product would be used for.

It was a bit confusing because both a industrial and consumer product was pitched.

Lori, Herjavec, and Barbara were the next to run away from this product. Herjavec though did see something but like O'Leary was dissapointed that a stable focus pitch was made.

Mark was the last shark standing and admitted that he knew nothing about the product. That being said he saw potential for the product and made a 500k offer for 12%.

Mark also added that if Melni Connectors began to grow he could add an additional million dollars while raising his equity to 15%.

Melni wanted to make a quick call to discuss but Mark responded with the quickest "Hell no" you could get. Eventually though the deal was struck and it was 2 for 2 for the companies.

About Beneath the Ink

Alex Milewski and Sherisse Hawkins made the plunge with Beneath the Ink, an e-book content enhancement program. The feature allows writers to link sections and words in their books to several different additional content outlets.

For example an author could be inspired to allow his or her reader to view a map or perhaps a backstory for a character.

E-books is an exploding business and continuing to develop. Both Alex and Sherisse had high hopes and this idea had a lot of potential to get a deal, but did it?

The Ask: 350k for 10%

How it Went Down: Mark was worried right off the back because he wasn't exactly sure how the company would get money. Sherisse explained the three different methods of payment but it was all a bit fishy.

O'Leary was the first to exit because he saw the company at the beginning of a long rocky road.

Mark explained the problems with the fact that 600k in invested money wouldn't be enough to convince major authors to work extra to enhance their e-books.

Everyone was in agreement that Beneath the Ink was just too early in life to garner any type of offer. It would take millions getting the program to be a household name and of course that was the only way it would ever make money.

It was the first miss of the night, no deal.

About PittMoss

Mont Handley went all in with his product PittMoss an eco-friendly moss substitute. Over the past 20 years Mont has worked very hard to develop his product and received patents from the EPA and most of his sales come from greenhouses.

He was in the tank to try and break into the retail game and perhaps start making some dough.

The product is made from recycled paper and his work has proven the science behind it works. But did the sharks see this as a money maker as well?

The Ask: 600k for 25%

How it Went Down: Peat Moss was explained to the sharks as the competition for PittMoss.

Peat Moss is the accepted dirt used in a lot of Lowes, Home Depots, and Greenhouses across the country but it just hurts the environment.

The money is where all the issues began to stem for the sharks. It was revealed only 22k had been made over the past 7 months.

Even worse though was that the factory creating the product could only make 60k worth in product and that created a bit of an issue considering Mont had already set up 168k in orders.

Barbara was out because she just couldn't invest in anything that relied on so much projections. Mont also revealed he already had 400k from outside investors.

O'Leary proposed the question whether if he got a deal from one of the sharks that he might drop those other investors but that wasn't going to happen.

Lori exited because she couldn't see the product making anything but the remaining sharks Mark, Herjavec, and O'Leary all decided to split the 600k three ways for 35% equity.

Mont was very emotional because he quickly came to the realization his life might be changing very quickly.

3 of the 4 products got a deal and therefore a very successful night. Tonight also marked the night that ABC would roll out ads for the new Shark Tank inspired series called Beyond the Tank. Basically the concept is that you will be able to see how companies who got deals in the tank fair outside of it and how the sharks help them to become success stories.

Tune in May 1st for the series premiere episode. Of course as always Shark Tank airs Fridays 9 p.m. on ABC tune in next week for an all new episode.