'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Beer Blizzard,' 'The Good Promise,' 'Vengo' & 'Wondercide'

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In this episode of ABC's Shark Tank, four brand new companies, Beer Blizzard, The Good Promise, Vengo and Wondercide will try to make their best pitch to sharks, Lori Greiner, Kevin O'Leary, Mark Cuban, Daymond John and Robert Herjavec to gain an investment in their company.

Cuban, Herjavec, Greiner, John and O'Leary sharpen their shark teeth as they decide which one of these up and coming companies deserves and investment from them. Will they negotiate for a steal or send these hopefuls packing?

About Beer Blizzard

Tom Osborne and Mike Robb are looking to impress the sharks and avid beer drinkers with the Beer Blizzard. The Beer Blizzard is their own invention featuring a beer holder and a beer cooling disc.

The disc is cooler by spending some time in the freezer and helps cool your beer for an extended period of time. Will the sharks venture into the frozen waters or steer clear of the beer?

"While you're chilling with your friends, the sleekly-designed Beer Blizzard is chilling your beverage. The durable, built-to-freeze and built-to-last Beer Blizzard won't break down on you: Use it over and over and over." - Beer Blizzard

The Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: They guys delivered a pitch similar to their informational video on their website. The pitch does have a little more flare a couple more jokes. They simply share with the sharks how their portable cooler works.

They even enjoy a couple of beers during a pitch that Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud of. The also reveal that they had a lot of success when they launched their Kickstarter.

They present the sharks with some beers and Greiner asks if the product has been tested. Their product has been tested and certified to work. All testing was done with the insulator. They haven't tested without the insulator which made the sharks cringe a bit.

The sharks agree that the product can be used for every beverage. The guys tell the sharks that they have gotten pretty good emails. They raised $43,000 in 45 days. Their sales are $156,000 with the majority of it being online.

They want to use the money to buy increased volume. Herjavec says he thinks it's a one shot product and pulls out. John says he likes the product but he doesn't know the clear direction so he passes on the deal.

O'Leary is worried that is more of a product but Cuban seems to love the idea. He wants an extra 5%.

Greiner says she will match the ask. The guys actually go with Cuban because they happen to be a big fan.

About Vengo

Steven Bofill and Brian Shimmerlik are looking to give the vending machine a facelift with Vengo. Vengo is a newly designed vending machine featuring smart technology.

The machines are geared toward downsizing larger machines so as a result they only vend smaller products. Will the sharks share the same vision as Vengo?

"A fully stocked Vengo machine generally carries anywhere from 40-80 products depending on product mix.

While we can accommodate some larger products given our many coil sizes, we use an iPhone 5 or smaller as a general rule of thumb when telling people our product size sweet spot." - Vengo

The Ask: $2 million for 12.5% equity.

How it went down: The ask is huge and the guys make a pitch that is straight forward but it's unclear whether or not they are convincing the sharks about the product. Greiner says that it's small in size and they agree.

They then tell the sharks that they are a software company. They build the machine for $2,500 and sell it for the same price. They also take care of the media rights, products mix and maintenance.

The total sales in one year was $1 million. Herjavec says that they are an ad company. Cuban says that they might be stretching their business. Cuban says that his issue is that he invested in a company called Oasis.

He sees this company as competitive and pulls out. They raised $3.4 million and Herjavec asks them if they make any money. They are losing $300,000 in the first year and break even in the next.

John says the evaluation is insane and pulls out. Herjavec says he doesn't like it and that they are only selling products in the machine without a clear identity of their company. He says the business model is unclear and unfocused and pulls out. O'Leary asks the guys if they would like some debt. He offers to lend them$2 million and take 6% in equity with 7% interest. Greiner says it is confusing for her.

O'Leary would like to bring Greiner. The guys counter with 1% equity and the sharks are almost insulted. O'Leary gives them an offer for 3% but Greiner wants 4%.

They want to counter again for 2.5% equity and Greiner raises a counter to 3.5%. The guys offer 2.5% final offer and the team offers 3%. They finally agree to a deal with Greiner and O'Leary for 3% equity.

About The Good Promise

Karen Posada hopes the sharks take a bit out of his natural foods and beverages from The Good Promise.

She will pitch The Good Promise as an affordable way to keep a healthy lifestyle by taking in all of the necessary fruits and vegetables.

"We came up with the idea on a road trip.

We wanted something healthier, portable and of higher quality than what we found on the road.

So we created a line of delicious drinks that would appeal to the on the go consumer that is searching for healthier alternatives." - The Good Company

The Ask: $100,000 for 20% equity.

How it went down: Posada passes out samples of her product instead of pitching the sharks her business first. She proceeds with a simple pitch and asks the sharks who is ready to invest.

O'Leary says he tried all of they and 3 out of 4 of them taste like industrial material. They don't seem to like the taste and John even jokes that it might be giving him the runs.

Their biggest customers are Walmart superstores. She is selling product but she is not making making. Greiner says she did not love them and she thinks that Posada should formulate more.

Greiner says she is out of the deal. Herjavec asks if she has raised any money and Posada says she has raised money from her mother and investors.

Herjavec says he can't do it and pulls out. John says that people like to choose their blends and pulls out of the deal.

O'Leary says that he is out. Cuban says that Posada is taking on a lot with trying to get into the fitness field.

Cuban says she is taking on the world before she started selling and pulls out of the deal. Posada goes home without a deal.

About Wondercide

Laura Alter and Stephanie Boone has a pretty extensive list of products within Wondercide. Wondercide is a line of safe and natural pest control products that can be used by both pets and humans.

They also offer home pest control products and repellents. They hope that their pitch does repel the sharks.

"I founded Wondercide after my dog Luna suffered devastating side effects from vet-prescribed flea & tick treatment. At age 10, Luna developed pesticide poisoning, with symptoms ranging from seizures and chronic skin issues to liver and kidney failure." - Wondercide

The Ask: $500,000 for 5% equity.

How it went down: The pitch is pretty informative and they are sure to highlight the fact that their product is safe and free of toxic chemicals. They also guarantee that their product is safe and works.

They then pass out some samples for the sharks to check out.

The spray is multifaceted and Herjavec wants to know what makes them standout. They argue that their pesticide contains no water. They also have $4 million in sales with 75% being in the pet market.

Boone quit her job and became a scientist on her own. They have tested it for beg bugs and ticks and they have up to 100% mortality. Their gross margin is 70% and they are using the funds to hire sales associates.

Cuban wants to know why they want to add this to an already successful business. O'Leary doesn't want the team to go with marketing. John offers $500,000 for 15%. They women don't want to give up too much equity.

O'Leary says he will give them the money 5.6% royalty for however long it takes. He also wants 3% equity. O'Leary says he doesn't like the evaluation.

Cuban tells them that they have done a great job but there is too much confusion for him and he pulls out. John offers the $500,000 for 15%. Herjavec says he doesn't know the scope of the market and pulls out.

O'Leary suggests that Greiner come in on his offer. Greiner offers the ask with 50 cents for every unit sold until she gets her money back.

She also wants 3% equity. The women decide to go with Greiner and take her up on her offer.