'Shark Tank' Recap: 'Bee Thinking,' 'Budsies,' 'Forus Athletics,' and 'PullyPalz'

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In an all new episode of ABC's "Shark Tank" Bee Thinking, Budsies, Forus Athletics, and PullyPalzs, entered the shark tank with high hopes that sharks, Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin O'Leary,

Lori Greiner and Robert Herjavec might just give them a shot to accomplish their dreams.

About Budsies

Alex Furmansky while watching his little sister play with her stuffed animals was inspired with an idea. That idea being to bring child drawings to life.

For the rather expensive price of $69 you can upload a drawing and a team will personalize a designed stuffed animal for you based on the drawing.

The company is only existent online but there could be a market beyond just personalized toys. Budsies is a rising brand and company with a possibly interesting concept for the world of retail.

The Offer: 100k for 5%

How it Went Down: The sharks quickly got down into the business of the product and found that the company has been around for 7 months but has only made around 39k in revenue.

Mr. Wonderful was worried that the product was priced way too high.

Each plush toy takes about 4 weeks to make and Lori was the first to jump away from this company because she didn't think it couldn't grow into a big company.

O'Leary didn't make Alex suffer any more and decided it was time to make an offer. But it was a bit of an insult, 100k for 50%.

That didn't slow down Alex though and he kept promoting and selling. He even brought out Budsies versions of the sharks.

Daymond was extremely hesitant at the offer Alex came into the tank with, the equity was simply too low.

Herjavec was the next to drop out because the owner really didn't show the sharks what his short time growth plan was.

Daymond made an offer of 100k for 40% but Alex wasn't even in the same ball park. He eventually turned down both offers because he truly believed his company will grow.

About Bee Thinking

Yet another Bee inspired product found itself in the shark tank this season. Unlike BeeSweet lemonade from earlier this season Bee Thinking is geared more towards actual bees. Matt Reed presented his line of manufactured bee hives.

Matt and his wife started the company locally back in 2008 and have had great success at a local level.

They believe it is time to bring their product to a larger scale. The company is trying to help people understand the importance of bees in our ecosystem.

The Offer: 400k for 10%

How it Went Down: To date this year the company has made about 120k in profits. The beehives were pitched more as a feel good product because it does help the bees survive and Mr.

Wonderful told a great story of his childhood on his grandmothers farm.

Mr. Wonderful was impressed with the business and the sales but didn't think that the product would sell. As it turns out Cuban didn't believe in the product either and didn't see a return on investment in his future.

Lori also didn't offer simply because she doesn't like honey and can't invest in anything she can't get behind. Herjavec and Daymond both also loved Matt and the product but again couldn't see themselves making any money whatsoever.

Bee Thinking unfortunately couldn't make a deal.

About PullyPalz

Julie Thompson was in the tank with her solution to the lost pacifier problem, PullyPalz. The product is widely available on Amazon and on their own website. Each PullyPalz costs $19.99 and works with most pacifiers on the market.

Essentially the idea is that two pacifiers are attached to a colorful stuffed animal via a pulley system which keeps babies active and the pacifiers within reach.

The product claims to help babies with their hand eyed coordination as well as right/left brain development.

The Offer: 100k for 20%

How it Went Down: Julie made a very impressive pitch and admitted to the sharks that she just couldn't keep up with the demand.

The product is sold at $20 but is made a very cheap price of $4.50. O'Leary was skeptical because the price point was a little too high. With only 800 million babies to sell the product to it is a hard sell.

Both Mark and Herjavec quickly exited because they didn't see PullyPalz flying off the shelves. The fact still remained that other pacifiers on the market are selling 15 dollars or so less which caused Daymond and O'Leary also to exit.

Lori decided to make an offer finally and thought the idea was brilliant. 100k for 30% was great news for Julie but it just was too much equity. One would have to say that considering Julie has devoted so much time and money into the company she would be allowed to make a counter.

That is exactly what she did and fired back with 100k for 25%. Lori couldn't be strong armed and so the two ladies eventually agreed at 100k for 28%. The first deal of the night!

About Forus Athletics

Joel Vinocur and Arsene Millogo made their pitch for Forus Athletics their line of light high tech running shoes. The company got its start back in 2009 and raised a lot of funds via an IndieGoGo campaign, specifically $48,000.

The shoes still have patent pending ideas that could possibly be attached in the future. The owners claimed their shoes are 6-10 ounces lighter than anything else in the open market.

Also if your pair happens to ware down a bit you can send them back for recycling and receive 25% off your next purchase.

The Offer: 200k for 15%

How it Went Down: The shoes are making at about $11 and selling about 35 to 50 depending on the country the product is sold. The owners admitted that they made 500k in 6 months.

Joel and Arsene also made it clear that they have 5 NASCAR drivers in position to wear the shoes. Mark and Daymond both experienced in the shoe game decided that they would stay loyal to their established partners and so walked away from the offer.

Lori also didn't see growth in the product and so she also jumped out.

This caused the two young men to a desperate attempt to grab the sharks attention. Along with their shoes they decided to pitch an email marketing program that would help sell their product, it was a bit of a stretch.

Herjavec liked the product and told Joel and Arsene they needed to focus their product into one lane instead of 5 different ones. He wanted to make an offer and agreed he would if Daymond would jump back in and team up.

But it just wasn't going to happen and so no deal could be struck.

A slow night on Shark Tank and only one product got a deal. Here's hoping to better success next week on ABCs Shark Tank which airs Fridays 9 p.m.