Shark Tank Recap: Roominate, Wedding Wagon, Floating Mug and Kronos Golf

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Tonight on "Shark Tank's" season six premiere replay Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O'Leary demonstrated the new way of tying the knot.

Toys that are designed to empower the next generation of female engineers and innovators are explored by two hopeful business women, a porcelain coffee mug that is both elegant and functional is pitched and a precise golf putter were presented to the Sharks.

Alice Brooks and Bettina Chen found a common interest while in their engineering program at Stanford. They created a toy that is gender specific because they felt that younger girls weren't exposed to the real amount of potential careers that were out there in the world.

In their pitch to the Sharks, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Lorie Greiner, Robert Herjavec and Kevin O'Leary, Chen and Brooks were able to amass $1.7 million in total sales in just over a year and a half.

They projected to do $5 million on the new year and they have been using Amazon but O'Leary warned the two that if they did not sell through they would be in big trouble.

O'Leary pulled out immediately, Corcoran followed suit as she was disappointed with the end of the pitch, Cuban offered $500,000 for five percent as long as his daughters could spend time with Chen and Brooks to see how it all works.

Herjavec pulled out after hearing Cuban's pitch and Greiner went in on Cuban for the same equity.

About the Roominate

"Roominate is an award-winning line of toys designed to inspire the next generation of innovators! Roominate combines hands-on building, circuits, design, crafts, storytelling, and creativity for hours of fun.

Kids can build spinning windmills, carousels, lamps, couches, bunk beds, and more for their dream creations!" - ABC

Tigere Chiriga pitched his Floating Mug to the Sharks as a way to keep your mugs from creating coffee stains on your furniture. After using his strange yelling voice to mimic his wife's anger when she saw the stairs Chiriga told the Sharks that he had 105,000 in first year sales which impressed the Sharks.

Their concerns came from manufacturing costs of the mug which was set at $12 per mug. Chiriga ensured the Sharks that he is working to take the manufacturing to China where the cost per mug will be lowered to $4.

O'Leary pulled out yet again claiming that he is the only disciplined investor on the show. Herjavec didn't see the product as a widely acceptable product and pulled out as well.

Cuban said that the high motor approach would have been better such as a website.

Corcoran envisioned the item as being a one time gift purchase and pulled out as well. Greiner also pulled out as she did not think that Chiriga was fully prepared with his products so she also pulled out as well.

About the Company: The Floating Mug Co.

"Coining the term 'coasterless,' The Floating Mug Co. is setting the standards for beverageware products with the integrated functionality of a coaster.

Their flagship product is the popular Floating Mug, a high-end porcelain mug integrated with a coaster." - ABC

Adrian Gonzalez and James Cass debuted their Wedding Wagon in Las Vegas and brought their pitch to the Sharks of ABC's Shark Tank. They sought a $125,000 in exchange for 20 percent equity in their company. O'Leary and Corcoran were used as the guinea pigs on the set of "Shark Tank" where Gonzalez married them in Shark matrimony.

It was all fun until Adrian and Cass revealed that they sold their rights to the Las Vegas wedding wagon which meant they could not reestablish another one in the same are.

Upon hearing that, Cuban went out immediately followed by Greiner, Herjavec, O'Leary and Corcoran.

About the Company: Wedding Wagon

"Wedding Wagon is a revolutionary mobile officiant franchise that brings the ceremony to the customer. It's like pizza delivery for weddings! No more "going to the chapel"... with the Wedding Wagon, our couples get to choose that special location that means the most to them.

We simply meet them there for a fun and unforgettable ceremony. Best of all, as a low-overhead franchise you never have to worry about the usual headaches that a traditional wedding brings like food & catering, elaborate set-ups or employees to manage.

Instead, we keep things simple by providing 'Happily Ever After... Delivered!'" - ABC

Eric Williams and Phillip Lapuz pitched their idea for a more precise putter. O'Leary was unable to make the put with the well balanced Kronos putter. Williams and Lapuz had a $260,000 year to date sales. The cost of the cheapest putter is $200-230. Cuban was automatically out because of his hatred for golf. Corcoran, said she also hated gold and couldn't imagine supporting it.

Greiner was out but said they thought that the niche market would be Japan. Lapuz got emotional because he wanted the job so that he could bring his fiancee to America. Her parents approved immediately but then disapproved after the business.

O'Leary was moved but still had to pull out because of his concerns. With the final shot, Herjavec offered a $150,000 for 35 percent. The creators countered with 25 percent and were countered once again for 30 percent which was accepted with open arms.

About the Company: Kronos Golf

"Kronos Golf is a San Diego based indie putter manufacturer. In the belief that not all golf putters are created equally, Kronos focuses on the process of crafting timeless, gimmick-free, classic style putters.

A labor-intensive process that includes precision milling to within 1/1000 of an inch, delicate hand work, and a calculated approach to raw material selection helps ensure that these putters will please both users and onlookers alike.

Balance and consistency stand as the hallmarks of a great putter, but at Kronos Golf, these are simply the standard" -ABC