Shaq Completes 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,' Carey Hart Takes A Different Route

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This morning former NBA center and NBA Correspondent Shaquille O' Neal completed the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" after being called out by "First Takes" Stephen A. Smith.

The "big shaqtus" posted the video to Instagram simply pouring water all over himself while Sam Smith's version of "Latch" by Disclosure plays in the background.

It is only fitting for O'Neal who is known for being a big joker both on and off court.

He continued to show his humorous side in completing the challenge and also challenged President Obama, Al Sharpton and Johnny "Football" Manziel.

The ALS challenge has been the trend for almost one month now and celebrities all over are have been filming themselves completing it. Some however, are taking different routes such as Carey Hart, who simply posted a screenshot of him donating to the website with the caption, "I went the contribution route.

I figure ALS would rather have my money than see me wet. I'll put the water towards washing my bike later!!"

Hart also posted the photo again with another caption which read, "#ALSicebucketchallenge i think people have misunderstood what i was saying earlier. I have nothing against what #ALS is doing to raise money. I think its a very creative idea. Earlier today I was not in the position to do the ice bucket so I opted to donate.

When I did that I got a ton of hate tweets about not doing the ice bucket part. And most of the people who were saying things were using the IBC as more of a contest and social piece.

Not doing it for charity, awareness, or even promoting ALS. That is why i posted an annoyed comment about the fact that people were more interested in me dumping a bucket of water on my head rather than raising money for a horrible disease. I think it is a great and creative way to raise money but unfortunately, from what i have seen it has evolved into a pass along joke to some."