Seth Rogen & Howard Stern Talk 'Steve Jobs,' 'The Interview' & More

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In an unsurprisingly funny interview with Howard Stern on the SiriusXM radio show, Seth Rogen called in to talk about his role in the Steve Jobs film, the success of The Interview and much more.

Rogen plays Steve Wozniack in the Steve jobs film and Rogen actually admitted to lying to Walter Isaacson about reading the book.

It was just one of the many funny statements made by Rogen throughout the entire interview. Stern also encouraged some of it, which made for a really entertaining interview.

"He said he doesn't want to ruin a fancy, dramatic movie," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said that they expect actors to audition for them too. He said that they do ask really famous people to audition for them. Howard asked where he is now.

Seth said he's in Michael Strahan's dressing room. Howard asked if he is high right now. Seth said he is a little bit."

Rogen said he was not high during the Steve Jobs films because it had a lot more dialogue than any of his other films such as The Interview, which Rogen said is the biggest selling digital title of all time now.

"Howard asked Seth if this new movie is with Sony. Seth said it is. Howard said Seth was promoting that movie about North Korea, The Interview, and the last interview they did was with him," according to MarksFriggin.

"Seth said that's because after that the movie wasn't going to come out. Seth said he still works at Sony.

He said he has another one coming out next summer. He said the amazing thing about Hollywood is how fast you're forgiven. He said you can keep working."

Rogen has another film called The Night Before that also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anthony Mackie. Fans of the Stern Show will be able to hear more from Rogen when he visits the show in November.