Seth Meyers, Fred Armisen & Bill Hader Join Howard Stern to Talk 'Documentary Now!'

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Three giants of NBC's "Saturday Night Live," Fred Armisen, Bill Hader and Seth Meyers paid Howard Stern a visit to talk their "Documentary Now!" series spoofing documentaries and much more.

The interview kicks off as Stern introduced Meyers, Armisen and Hader while immediately diving into the new documentary series, "Documentary Now!" Stern was pretty excited to have the three comedians in his presence as he saw it to be a little "SNL" reunion according to a MarksFriggin rundown of the show.

Stern complimented Hader for his job in the puppet class skit that Stern says he enjoys a lot.

While Amy Schumer promoted the film "Trainwreck" in her visit a few months back, Hader, he co-star in the film got his shot to dish about the movie.

"Bill said he gets recognized a little bit more. Fred said Bill has been in movies for a long time," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said it's like a breakthrough though. Howard said movies are tough.

He said you have so little control. He said it could have bombed and he'd never be in another movie. Bill said Amy is so good and Judd is so good that he didn't worry."

Hader spoke about the love scenes with Schumer and Stern asked if Hader really went home and had sex with his wife after the scenes. Hader did confirm it and said he got his wife pregnant by doing that.

He also told Stern that it was almost impossible to remain married after.

The guys quickly began poking fun at Armisen while on the topic of guests and attractive co-hosts like Kristen Wiig.

"Seth said that his wife tells him that he has to keep a desk between him and his guests," according to the rundown.

"Howard said Kristen Wiig is so attractive and talented. He asked how they don't fall in love.

The guys said that guests would come in and fall for them. Howard said he thinks that Fred banged Tina and others. Bill said Fred would hop on them."

Meyers on the other hand said that you always see people at their worst on "SNL" and Stern included that no one is really attractive in that type of environment.

Stern highlighted Armisen's work with Portlandia, and Armisen says he's not exhausted with all of the work he's been doing.

Hader on the other hand says he's pretty tired with the work he's been doing especially with his press tour for "Trainwreck."

While the crew discussed Meyers as being one of the writers for the show, Stern said he thinks Meyers could possibly take over from Lorne Michaels.

The guys broke into their Michaels impressions leading up to Armisen's hilarious East Side Manhattan and Upper West Side impressions that Stern really enjoyed.

The interview was packed with hilarious content including the reunion and updates on "SNL." They finally got down to talking about "Documentary Now!," the series that is becoming very popular among IFC fans.

"Seth said Bill came up with the idea. Bill said that he wanted to do it as a show because they can make different documentaries," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said it airs on IFC and it's six episodes. Howard said that channel must be hard to find.

Seth said that Portlandia is on it. Howard said that's right, it's hard to find. Howard said that maybe this will be a second big show for IFC."

The Howard Stern official webpage has an exclusive clip of "Documentary Now!" for fans who can't get enough of Armisen, Meyers and Hader. It was yet another lengthy interview featuring comedic minds that are downright entertaining.

Check out the full interview here.

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