Serena Williams Plays Who'd You Rather and More On The Ellen Show

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What happens when the most dominant female tennis and quite frankly one of the most dominant athletes overall, visits The Ellen Show? Well, during Serena Williams' visit, host Ellen DeGeneres tried to find her a celebrity boyfriend with a game of Who'd You Rather.

Williams also sat down for a little catch-up interview.

During the interview, DeGeneres pointed out that Williams was one of the most dominant athletes ever and proved it by rattling off all of her accomplishments.

Williams said that is a lot but she doesn't really read that stuff or think about it because she has come a really long way yet is still competing.

The tennis star chatted about her documentary Serena and the footage of her playing through sickness.

Williams fought through the pain and it all worked out. Meanwhile, DeGeneres and Williams talked about the dance teams that her family has.

She mentioned she wanted to dance on The Ellen Show and the host invited her and the team anytime they wanted.

Williams also talked about dancing with Beyonce and the pressure that was released when she finally got on stage with Queen B.

Serena and her sister Venus will be opening up a resource center to proper educate communities on senseless violence and to help families who had fallen victim those tragedies.

Then, it was time to find Williams a celebrity boyfriend. Williams wouldn't say if she was in a relationship or not, but, DeGeneres insisted on playing Who'd You Rather to find her one anyway.

You can watch Serena Williams' interview with Ellen DeGeneres and her game of Who's You Rather in The Ellen Show video below.

Serena Williams Talks Dancing With Beyonce On The Ellen Show

Serena Williams Plays Who'd You Rather On The Ellen Show