Selena Gomez Amazingly Sings The Stanley Steemers Jingle

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Thanks to Vogue's awesome 73 Questions YouTube segment, we got to hear Selena Gomez sing what she believed to be the best jingle ever created.

Fans also got to hear Gomez reveal some things they may not have already known about her.

Yes, Gomez listens to Patsy Cline and has been surprised with a rooftop dinner before.

However, what was really interesting about her 73 Questions is the fact that most of her answers were centered around her family, friends and fans.

It really goes to show just how committed she is to these three things in particular, making it easy to see why she has earned so many followers across social media.

Gomez has always had a pretty down-to-Earth personality and really seems to connect with her fans. We weren't ready for just how much she connects with plenty of other human beings who watch TV and listen to the radio.

When asked what she believed the best jingle ever was, Gomez started singing the Stanley Steemer carpet cleaner jingle.

That is why Selena Gomez is one of the most awesome human beings on the planet. Check out Gomez's 73 Questions video by Vogue below.

Selena Gomez Amazingly Sings The Stanley Steemers Jingle