See Who Mindy Kaling Chooses In Who'd You Rather On The Ellen Show

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Single comedian Mindy Kaling visited The Ellen Show to catch up and ended up playing a game of Who'd You Rather? to see who her perfect celebrity match could be.

The result may surprise you but the hilarious process of getting to it was golden.

DeGeneres stated multiple times that Kaling was single and they wanted to help her find someone. Kaling prepared herself for what was to come and had to choose between Drake and Jake Gyllenhaal first.

The Mindy Project star decided that she would go with Drake but when it came to Drake and Bradley Cooper, she switched sides. Hugh Grant was added in the mix but he had nothing on cooper.

Next up was a little more of a competition between Cooper and Michael B. Jordan, however, Jordan took over. Once Brad Pitt was added in the mix things were complicated and it was decided that there was too much competition with his exs. Jordan also won over Scott Eastwood and Jared Leto.

In the end it was down to Michael B. Jordan and one more man. We won't ruin it for you.

To see who Mindy Kaling chooses in Who'd You Rather? check out The Ellen Show video below.

See Who Mindy Kaling Chooses In Who'd You Rather On The Ellen Show